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The hypervisor in the OpenStack industry

Challenges and key market trends within the OpenStack industry are increasingly dynamic like the role henceforth appropriated by the hypervisor in the landscape where the cloud hosts thousands of servers in multiple locations.
For those who are unfamiliar, a hypervisor, also known as virtual machine manager, allows multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host. This helps cloud administrators to determine the reliability of remote servers in the cloud. 
In our connected world where the number of servers grows at the rapid pace worldwide, managing all of them has become a complicated and challenging task. Unfortunately, this creates issues in the entire IT security landscape of an organization.

Key challenges challenging the OpenStack industry

As an open-source software, OpenStack is insreasingly backed by major companies and many individual community members, who are involved inter alia in software development and hosting.
Some major vendors supporting the technology include Cisco, Rackspace, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Oracle, Red Hat, and VMware. 
However, beyond the unprecedented benefits, deploying OpenStack continues to require a high level of technical expertise.
Finding suppliers that can troubleshoot technical issues during deployment can be challenging.
In fact, there is still a gap between the rates at which enterprises are embracing OpenStack technology and the talent pool of OpenStack professionals. Certain global enterprises using OpenStack lacked internal IT skills.