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Computer vision based applications at MadstreetDen.

It is endless exciting to see, observe and live how and where the Computer Visiontechnology can improve our health, living conditions; transform our kids and parents, businesses and more., is permanently seduced by the couple behind MadstreetDen, a Computer Vision platform that help developers, users, industries and organizations to deliver fun and useful applications based on the powerful capabilities of the Computer Vision technology. You can discover that, currently, MADstack offers: ·facial gestures like blink, smile, ·head gestures like nod, turn; ·Expression detection; ·gaze tracking; ·presence detection; ·age & gender detection; ·Facial landmark detection; Eye and head detection and tracking;object recognition, Hand & body gestures and more. When it comes to Facial Gestures, for example,  recalls that, developers and designers can explore the world of relationships people can have with their devices.

The new IT Convergence drives the Unified Communication & Collaboration-as-a-service market: trends, players and stakes.

As companies continue to meet challenges like the complexity of integrating separate platforms, justification of the return-on-investment ROI), and the development of in-house expertise to maintain the systems, the greater flexibility, cost efficiency, less technology to manage, the scalability and more brought by the new IT Convergence,are disrupting the traditional Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C)'s Market.
Organizations progressively adopt mobility, and when it comes to the contact centre environment, features such as call recording, voice analytics and workforce management are becoming more common.
According to IDC, equipment market declined 2.9% in 2013 year-on-year (YoY); a decline due to inter alia, this reality . In fact,, soon #Retinknow can also observe that, companies are reducing their spending in equipment hardware. This means shift of demand from hardware-based on-premise UC&C solutions to software-based and cloud-based solut…

Automate invoice data entry to capture accounts payable (AP) systems: FormSuite for Invoices paves its way.

When it comes to forms processing, data capture and image processing SDKs,, salutes the great work progressively deployed by this company with regard to provide developers with reliable functions that are easy to integrate into applications and also easy to merge with other Accusoft SDKs.
Its new comer titled: FormSuite for Invoices, is a new software development kit (SDK) that aims to enable developers to more or less easily build custom applications that can accurately capture accounts payable (AP) data from scanned invoices for posting to accounting systems., also observes that the KIT can leverage the Accusoft’s optical character recognition (OCR) and other advanced forms processing technology, with the goal to intelligently and accurately detect and capture vendor names, dates, amounts, and even line item details from scanned invoice image files.

Technologie de base de données en mémoire : acteurs, défis, réalités et enjeux.

Nous vivons dans un environnement de plus en inondé en temps-réel par de données de sources multiples. La tendance est conduite la nouvelle Convergence IT, qui est devenue le carrefour de tous les enjeux. Dans un tel environnement, évidement, les entreprises ont besoin de vitesse, de technologies, de bonnes pratiques e méthodologies pour transformer l’information entre autres en connaissance, marché, opportunité et en nouvelle source de revenu. La technologie de base de données en mémoire (in-Memory) (vitesse traitement et accès accrues), est l’un des technologies qui peuvent aider les entreprises à réduire leurs coûts d’exploitation, améliorer leur performance, globalement être plus compétitif.
La technologie de base de données en mémoire (in-Memory) souffre encore de beaucoup d’incompréhensions au niveau des usages. C'est-à-dire que beaucoup de grandes entreprises ne perçoivent pas des bénéfices immédiats et clairs ; n’arrivent pas entre autres identifier des cas d’application, e…

(NFC) technology to protect brands and consumers: advices, recommendations and iZipline paves its way.

We are still at the early stage of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology as an industry. But it is progressively exciting to observe that, this technology abounds with vast scope of applications to help improving our living conditions. At, iZipline, they work to adapt NFC to in-store digital signage and consumer products for instant, dynamic and long-lasting engagement with consumers via their mobile devices., soon #Retinknow salutes this initiative which accommodates a new momentum with the integration of HID Trusted Tag Services™ into its cloud-based software platform. When it comes to its cloud-based software platform,, soon #Retinknow always recommends a flexible, comprehensive, scalable, seamless and encrypted solution. With regard to the integration of HID Trusted Tag Services™ into iZipline’scloud-based software platform, we talk about the ability to: ·Enable global brands to authenticate each product’s package, ·Protecting both a company’s…

Automatically manage mobile device security based on location: ZoneDefense for AirWatch, paves its way.

If the end-to-end security of your mobile device is crucial, the add-in like a device security based on location can also be vital in our environment where the security threats and attacks are more and more varied and sophisticated., soon #Retinknow salutes the ongoing efforts of AirPatrol Corporation,  when it comes to mobile device identification and locationing systems. Henceforth, its ZoneDefense® 5 mobile device security platform aims to allow organizations using the Enterprise Mobility Management suite from VMware’s AirWatch® to automatically switch security policies of smartphones and tablets based on the device’s owner and location. This means that, with ZoneDefense for AirWatch, organizations can manage areas that have differing security levels. Systems and security personnel can get a complete view of the mobile devices operating within the organization: detect and locating all cellular and WiFi devices, whether managed by AirWatch or not and more.