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Cloud-based Integration and Data Management on MapR

dPaaS (data Platform as a Service) solutions are more and more popular and mature with a set of streamlined capabilities including microservices for handling diverse data types and more. 
The real-time ability to break down the barriers between data silos to tap into the valuable information needed to make better decisions; faster is always a game-changer. Henceforth ALLOY™ platform is using the MapR Distribution including Hadoop to support big data integration and management. salutes this combination of complementary technologies. MapR brings added scale, performance and flexibility for managing big data to the ALLOY platform through its enterprise-class Hadoop Distribution.

Best practises for writing Docker files in our Cloud-driven age.

Many companies are embracing Docker as a powerful and flexible tool to develop, test, package and distribute a broad variety of applications. In fact, experiences around and inside Container technologies are more and more streamlined with mature features and best practices.
When it comes to write Docker files, best practices inter alia include: Build your images from the smallest possible base imageRe-use your base containers ; to reduce transfer time For persistent data, use data only containers – to replace containers without losing data.More useful tips can be found here: Best practises for writing Docker files.

Gleaming $2.496B absorbed by the digital economy last week.

$2.2B in Private Equity to boost taxi hailing companies including Uber and Didi-Kuaidi.Overall, can recall:
$23M / Series B for CartoDB that lets users upload their data and visualize it with a variety of mapping templates. With the new funding, CartoDB will bring its data visualization tools to individual and business users worldwide. Investors include:Accel Partners, Earlybird Venture Capital, Kibo Ventures and more. $50M / Series C for Fundbox that issues loans to small businesses that run on invoices by plugging into a company's existing accounting software and assessing invoices individually. Investors include:Shlomo Kramer, Bezos Expeditions, Blumberg Capital and more. $81M / Series E for thredUP ; an online marketplace to buy and sell used women's and kids' clothing. The company has raised over $125M in funding to date, and will use the new funding to expand operations. Investor in clued: