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Unlock Value of a Hybrid Infrastructure in our cloud age.

The flexibility is at the core of digital transformation with its abilities to streamline each experience. 
When it comes to Hybrid Infrastructures, the philosophy behind the flexibility delivers the softness required for the enhanced productivity. With this momentum, you can manage enterprise workloads in a secure hosted cloud environment.
Enterprises can gain benefits from their existing and new applications.  Unlock Value of a Hybrid Infrastructure leads to automation, orchestration and control across multiple heterogeneous clouds, workloads and technologies.
It also means: provide an enterprise grade open source platform for cloud native application development and infrastructure. Simultaneous support for multiple cloud environments; the ability to fully control where workloads reside ; Support for unstructured data ; support distributed compute, efficient object storage and An intuitive setup model and more. 
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Beacon technology in our mobile age: excitements, applications, expectations and pure-players.

We are still at the early stage when it comes to Beacon technology. However it is clear that, excitements from technology providers, like Apple and Google are huge.
Merchants more and more find in this technology a promising opportunity to inter alia: push back against online-only e-commerce sites; increase customer’s engagement, drive more in-store sales, and communicate with mainstream consumers in store.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Beacons are among the most promising new mobile technologies helping real-world merchants win back sales. These devices communicate with smartphone apps indoors through a Bluetooth signal. Top applications include: offers, coupons, data-collection, as well as loyalty, payments, and digital-marketing programs. 
With Apple's iBeacon implementation meaning that iPhones running iOS 7 and above, can scan for beacons in the background, even when the appropriate apps are closed, Apple is still in the lead, and ahead of Google, whe…

Store and analyze your data using containers, also, means=

Technologies like Docker, CoreOS and others Shared services infrastructures, become more and more indispensable in our digital age, when it comes to build, run and secure scalable and distributed apps. salutes the philosophy behind those groundbreaking technologies. As you can learn more here, with those technologies have no secret to hide. Just continue to use with your colleagues and friends as a powerful place to streamline your end-to-end digital transformation.
Within the process of storing and analyzing your data using containers, it is critical to provide a complete containerized data analytics package that offers inter alia: a complete version control for your data; lets you define analysis pipelines, chain them together, and run them efficiently. 
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