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Opportunities through cognitive computing to transform our digital experiences now and forever.

From health optimization solutions, and highly personalized travel and technologies, tailored tasks and retail shopping experiences to services, suitable for your needs, sees endless opportunities for cognitive computing to improve our living and working conditions.
In fact, there’s a bright future ahead for us. 
To encourage innovation, IBM develops direct investments in organizations that are developing new cognitive apps and services powered by Watson. 
The company streamlines this experience through the Watson Zone on Bluemix, a digital innovation hub that enables developers to tap into Watson services and rapidly build, deploy and manage apps across any combination of public, private and hybrid cloud. recalls that, IBM’s previous investments include Modernizing Medicine, a provider of specialty-specific electronic medical records (EMR) systems, Pathway Genomics, a clinical laboratory that offers genetic testing services, and Welltok, an industry…

Seamlessly deliver technology in the OpenStack ecosystem in our cloud age.

In the dynamic of productivity, performance, scalability, agility and the flexibility triggered by OpenStack within the cloud landscape, one can be proud to note that, OpenStack enables enterprises to merge components from a diverse set of infrastructure innovators into a cohesive datacenter operating system.
Skills, services, training and support needed for running OpenStack are henceforth mature. An opportunity to salute Mirantis Unlocked, a program that helps infrastructure and solution providers to streamlined their OpenStack’s experience.
Beyond simple API interoperability and infrastructure driver testing, recalls that, providers are able to develop, certify and document a plugin for the Fuel OpenStack installer, automating the user deployment and configuration experience.

Converged end-to-end virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) appliance in our digital age.

When it comes to virtualization solutions, the main requirements and challenges remain the performance, efficiency, flexibility, faster time-to-value, elasticity and greater ease of use. 
A set of indispensable best practices and tools are progressively available to overcome these challenges and requirements and to help organizations deploy applications faster, scale easier, and better manage infrastructure and workload delivery. salutes these holistic initiatives that streamline your end-to-end digital experiences. 
Dell and VMware are working together to offer efficient virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that are fast to deploy and easy to manage. 
Indeed, in this momentum is exciting, but recalls that, the ability to collaborate and provide flexible cloud and virtual infrastructures based on your needs is a game-changer.
For the informational purpose only, Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition, and updates to …

Powerful assets that bring peace in minds to adopt hosted private cloud.

Henceforth, standards like OASIS’s TOSCA and open source projects like OpenStack and Shared services infrastructuresprovide enterprises the future quiet hope of less lock-in, greater adherence to standards, greater flexibility and security. 
Meaning inter alia that, when it comes to adopt hosted private cloud, you enjoy in real-time: streamlined or improved IT infrastructure and flexibility, zero cost for maintenance, lower total cost of ownership for servers and lower total cost of electricity grid, on-demand capacity and scalability, and improved disaster recovery and business continuity.

Online OpenStack Professional Training Courses in our cloud age.

In our digital age where, OpenStack is a pure-player and a game-changer when it comes to streamlined cloud experiences within large companies and organizations, it is critical to learn and become professionally certified in OpenStack. In this momentum, focus on:
The quality and expertise of its instructors,
Hands-on format,
“Pure” OpenStack curriculum,
A high quality, interactive OpenStack training course in the convenience of your home or office.
In fact, it is always indispensable to combine these critical experiences with a virtual training experience that is as similar as possible to a hands-on, classroom-led course.

For the informational purpose only, recalls that, Mirantis paves its way in this vertical with OpenStack Fundamentals (OS50) and OpenStack Bootcamp I (OS100) classes.