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Showing posts from November 12, 2013

IBM today unveiled the IBM Analytics Talent Assessment: online platform that provides university students with data-driven insights

IBM continues to expand its operations in Analytics with the goal to become essential in terms of contents, technologies and resources. In this dynamic, IBM today unveiled the IBM Analytics Talent Assessment. Billed as the first-of-its-kind online platform that provides university students with data-driven insights, the goal here is to help narrow the Big Data and Analytics skills gap and foster talent for the next-generation workforce.   According to IBM, usingIBM Analytics Talent Assessment, university students can gauge their readiness for public and private sector Big Data and analytics careers and gain guidance on ways to further develop and position themselves for these in-demand

Microsoft has released updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and Office.

As part of the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for November, 2013, Connectikpeople has observed that, these vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution, elevation of privilege, information

Beware; Philippines Typhoon Disaster Email Scams and Phishing Attack Warning.

Connectikpeople is observing that, after a natural disaster phishing emails and websites requesting donations for bogus charitable organizations begin to appear. Users should be aware of potential email scams and phishing attacks regarding the recent Philippines Typhoon disaster. Email scams may contain links or attachments which may

‘Affordability and a lack of digital skills are becoming the key causes of digital exclusion for millions of people’.

In our connected world, progressively there are infinities of possibilities in terms of contents, technologies and wealth awaited or created. But it remains certain barriers which have to be removed. Today, Connectikpeople has captured a report commissioned by Huawei; this report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) shows that, ‘as the issue of broadband network access is getting resolved in many countries, a range of new, more 'human' challenges, such as affordability and a lack of digital skills are becoming the key causes of digital exclusion for millions of

Teleboy VOD, le ‘premier’ service de vidéo à la demande par souscription de Suisse, disponible sur iPhone, iPad et sur le Web.

Avec l’avènement du multi-écrans, la généralisation de la 3G, le développement de la LTE, et la montée en puissance des mobiles en termes de fonctionnalités et spécifications, La consommation de la vidéo explose. Et nous ne sommes qu’aux prémices d’une tendance qui va prendre de l’ampleur. Dans cette dynamique,

Startup Fundings: Ranku, Futurelytics and The Honest Company have raised +$26 million.

For those unfamiliar, Connectikpeople can recall that, fundraising is often needed to scale the company and generate exponential growth. In this case, we can observe that, Ranku(founded in June 2013, New York-based online degree discovery engine), has raised $650,000 in additional seed funding from Microsoft Ventures. Backed by Mark Cuban, Connectikpeople has observed that, Ranku aims to help students find and compare online degree programs from non-profit universities. Ranku will use the new capital to continue building out its university

OpenStack Summit 2013: Huawei shares updates of the company’s OpenStack strategy and internal use case.

Based on the reality that, we are in the open source era, Huawei has initiated lot of approaches with the goal to harness all the opportunities around the open source technologies and concepts. In this dynamic, Huawei ‘joins in-depth discussions on OpenStack technological trends and development of a healthy cloud computing industry with global technical experts,

Africa Com 2013: Intelligent Energy Launches Upp™, Portable Power for Your Connected Devices.

Here, we talk about a personal energy device, to charge and power USB-compatible portable electronic devices. Devices such as smartphones, feature phones, eReaders, tablets, portable gaming consoles, digital cameras are welcome. Connectikpeople has observed that, Intelligent Energy has chosen Africa to launch this empowering portable energy product, and will showcase the device at AfricaCom in

Dear professionals, Lenovo announces Vibe Z with Snapdragon 800 & 5.5-inch FHD display.

Lenovo dominates the PC market and progressively paves its way in smartphones and tablets market. Based on its Q2 financial, results, we can observe that, this company has generated +17.7 % in PC market share and has also made encouraging results in

Voici comment les grandes compagnies internet américaines ce sont comportées lors de leur entrée en bourse.

Sur ce classement, elles sont au nombre de 10 dont Google, eBay, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Amazon, LinkedIn, Yahoo !, et Zinga. Chacune de ces compagnies a eu un sort particulier, mais pour beaucoup les attentes on été dépassées dès les