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Reliable enterprise data center services and colocation solutions: the real value of CyrusOne.

CyrusOne as a provider of a mission-critical data center facilities, is henceforth at the hearth of strong customer demand. This reality is led by the construction of its second data center in San Antonio. The new site, located at 9500 Westover Hills Blvd on 22 acres of land in the Westover Hills area, just a few miles away from its first San Antonio

Power a new generation of Hadoop-based applications: the real value of Splice Machine.

Big data trend obliges, Hadoop intended, to underscore this trend as a technology, generates, lot of excitements and curiosities. At Splice Machine, a transactional SQL-on-Hadoop database for real-time Big Data applications, Hadoop is the hearth of job. In this momentum, is happy to praise its achieved, willingness to join Hortonworks Technology Partner Program to Drive Real-Time SQL-on-

Worldwide Internet of Things Spending Forecast by Vertical Market according to IDC.

The trend is unstoppable, and more than ever, it represents unmatched new source of revenues for IOT vendors. For the users, the ramp-up of Internet of Things means, living conditions improved. As a forward-thinking IT leader with Global operations, is excited to help IT vendors understand the components of the IoT/M2M IT ecosphere and to harness in real-time the derivative opportunities. With this report (“Worldwide Internet of Things Spending by Vertical Market 2014-2017 Forecast,”), it is very important to observe that, the Internet of Things market must be understood in terms of vertical markets because the value of IoT is based on individual use cases across all markets. In addition, successful sales and marketing efforts by vendors will be based on understanding the most lucrative verticals that offer current growth and future potential and then creating solutions for specific use cases that address industry-specific business processes.

4G LTE networks in 2013: the real value of Huawei.

LTE networks represent a new air of the mobility, in terms of bandwidth, services and business opportunities not only for the providers but also for the mobile carriers and users. 2014 will be the veritable take off of this momentum. At Huawei, the trend is well adopted with more than 1.65 million Huawei antennas announced, now deployed in over 155 countries for 360 operators on six continents. Fueled by the China growth, the Huawei’s multi-band ultra broadband antenna solution has been deployed in China, Russia and European countries,

2005 à 2013 : ce que vaut la France en termes de téléphonie mobile.

Les chiffres de l’Arcep de 2005 à 2013 sur les clients de la téléphonie mobile en France reflètent exactement ce que c’est que le modèle économique français : vivre pour consommer à crédit. 
La grande tendance est celle des forfaits sans-engagement, qui auraient atteint 54,219 millions en fin 2013, soit un million de forfaits supplémentaires souscrits en seulement un trimestre, (26,2 millions de cartes SIM, contre 17,7 millions en décembre 2012). 
Le grand gagnant et turbulent semble Free Mobile, entrainant entre autres une chute des cartes prépayées (15, 6 millions de cartes SIM, 2,6 millions de moins qu'en 2012). observe également que la France comptait fin décembre 2013, près de 76,7 millions de cartes SIM en circulation, donc 69,85 millions hors MtoM. Selon ledit rapport les MVNO est presque à l’arrêt, marquant l'arrivée fulgurante de Free Mobile et le développement des forfaits low cost ont frappé de plein fouet les MVNO. Les opérateurs virtuels résistent…

Ideapreneurship Evangelist, Big Data Guru, Digital Voyager Womenspiration, this HCL Global Twitter Recruitment Campaign is for you.

At, we know, among you, there are, the exceptional Ideapreneurship Evangelists, Big Data Gurus, and Digital Voyagers, more often very excited about new challenges and opportunities. For you, has captured the first global Twitter recruitment campaign called #COOLESTINTERVIEWEVER and led by HCL Technologiesa global IT services provider.
We talk about a series of interviews exclusively over Twitter, offering the winning candidate an opportunity to work on a yearlong strategic project with the company’s

Startups funding: Rocketrip, Kantox, and Splice Machine can accelerate product development and expansion.

If unfamiliar, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of fundings, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their projects.
Rocketrip(Founded in 2008, New York-based employee travel booking startup), has raised $2.6 million in a Series A round led by Canaan Partners with participation from Genacast Ventures. This startup provides an incentive-based platform to reward good employees by allowing them to share in the cost-savings they generate while traveling. Rocketrip will use the funds to accelerate product development and build

Expertise and breadth of capabilities in the enterprise storage field: the real value of Huawei.

As a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations based on two major essential reasons: help you in real-time, to mitigate risks and take the best actions, praises the Huawei momentum to demonstrate Huawei's expertise and breadth of capabilities in the enterprise storage field. In fact, observes that, theHuawei, OceanStorTM 18800 Enterprise Storage has achieved about 1,005,893.43SPC-1 Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS)TM in the Storage PerformanceCouncil (SPC)-1 test. The Huawei Enterprise Storage aims to be reliable, large capacity and high performance, includes flexible configuration solutions and online expansion