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The nanorobotics systems market in Americas, the US and Canada, and inthe UK

According to Technavio, currently, the US is leading the global nanorobotics systems market. The firm affirms that, Americas generate the highest demand for nanorobotics systems, mainly from universities and research centers in the US and Canada. 
In EMEA, one can observe that, the UK is driving the market with more than 21 universities in the country facilitating research programs on nanotechnology with major emphasis on healthcare applications like drug delivery. 
For those who are unfamiliar, this technology is capable of changing the future of cancer treatment and minimize invasive surgical procedures.

Nanorobotics’ momentum in medicine

I have a pleasure to recall that, one can steadily observe that, Nanorobotics is a fascinating new field in medicine that cncentrates on targeted drug delivery using nanoscale molecular components like DNA. These nanobots carry a payload with the cancer drug and can identify specific types of cancer cells among billions of healthy cells using biomarkers. The nanobots then untie on contact with the target cancer cells and release the drug within, thus destroying the mutated cells.

North America is at the core of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) market

The demands of the dynamic mobile workforce across the world are very exciting and promising, and many analysts concede on the fact that, North America is expected to hold the largest market share of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) market in 2016 due to the increased mobile workforce, increased smartphones penetration, BYOD trend, and higher cloud-based deployment of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions in the region.