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Showing posts from December 24, 2015

Two weeks in funding meant to the internet-based companies, startups and to digital economy

As whole, no big announcements observed, but a set of funding with great impact.Over $2Billion raised during these two weeks and Connectikpeople has selected the ones with determinant impact.
Then for you Connectikpeople can recalls:
$47M/Convertible Notefor Yello Mobile, a mobile media company, based in Seoul, that operates in several different verticals, including mobile shopping and advertising, mobile travel, and O2O (online to offline) business. Investors include:Formation 8 (Lead).
$3.5M/Series Afor CapriCoast, an online modular furniture marketplace based in Bangalore. The company operates in 20 cities across India and specializes in kitchens and wardrobes. Investors include:RB Investments (Lead), Accel (Lead).
$60M/Series Bfor Afanti , a Beijing-based mobile study app that provides real-time answers and assistance to primary and middle school students. The startup has raised $78M in total funding and reports 20 million teacher and student users. Investors include:Shenzhen Capital Group…

Fluctuating, large-scale financial services data with Google Cloud Dataflow

The quest for the more effective way to process data is encouraging; at Connectikpeople, we also believe that, elasticity to the entire process and ensuring accuracy, scale, performance and cost efficiency is a game changer.
We live henceforth in a connected world where, the erratic nature of financial market data volumes, often driven by volatility, intensifies the challenges when it comes to scaling and posting data when and where it’s needed for daily trade reconciliation, settlement and regulatory reporting. In fact, these activities must be predictable, repeatable and measurable to yield maximum value. Therefore, you need the speed, flexibility, scalability and efficiency beyond limits of ETL (Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) activities), as the amount of transactions grows faster than they can process it.
In our connected world with data as the most critical, data can come from anywhere and in any format, creating a series of labor, time and intellectual challenges.
As a result, …