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VSoft Corporation + Advanced Fraud Solutions to Increase Fraud Detection

In our ever-connected world, where cyberattacks are increasingly sophisticated, fraud mitigation tools are increasingly indispensable.
VSoftCorporation, a provider of information and technology solutions for financial institutions has partnered with North Carolina-based Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS).
An interesting momentum that focuses on real-time fraud solution, TrueChecks®, into VSoft’s OnView Teller Deposit. 
One can also observed that, in addition to providing real-time fraud alerts, TrueChecks integrates with VSoft’s OnView Teller Deposit interface to access fraud data from various sources. It also displays Regulation CC-recommended holds for high risk transactions to the teller while being transparent to the accountholder.

Wipro on its new analytics solution, Data Discovery Platform

Pertinent insights, faster decision-making, the entire spectrum of Data-Information-Insights, contextual insights needed to differentiate and drive the business, and pertinent business insights across the value chain are at the core of the stakes. 
As you know, relevant and actionable insights are imperative to making faster and informed decisions in our hyper-competitive and digitally-driven world. This new analytics solution, Data Discovery Platform seems aware of the stakes and aims to provide pertinent business insights across the value chain of an industry through pre-defined “apps.” 
Leveraging techniques like visual sciences and storytelling with data, the solution’s modular, app driven approach coupled with machine learning, natural language processing, visualization and stream computing capability can enable flexibility and scalability to meet evolving business requirements.

New HxGN SMART Build, as an Enterprise Construction Management Software Solution

Improved workflows, Real-time clarity, cost overruns and delays, accountability and management of the project lifecycle are at the core of stakes with the launch of HxGN SMART Build, an enterprise construction management software solution.
Construction executives can get real-time access to the relevant and up-to-date information they need every day on the job site. 
SMART Build as a fully integrated construction solution brings all relevant project information together on a single platform in a cloud-based environment.

New Automation Capabilities to Put IT in Control of the Modern Workplace

SaaS applications are steadily at the centre of collaboration and productivity within industries and businesses of all sizes; and then fueling the rise of the modern workplace.
This means that, flexibility, greater control over data, costs and time in the modern workplace, and streamlined control over a SaaS application environment is required. 
BetterCloud bets on its Workflows, a new automation engine that can orchestrate critical, complex processes to ensure accuracy, precision, and compliance. 
The first solutions powered by Workflows are User Onboarding and Offboarding and User Lifecycle Management. These solutions automate provisioning, deprovisioning and user access management within Google for Work applications.

Intel McAfee Labs on New Mobile App Collusion Threats

Cybercriminals have no limits in terms of imagination when it comes to orchestrate malicious and harmful activities online or offline. 
For example, they can orchestrate attacks capable of exfiltrating user data, inspecting files, sending fake SMS messages, loading additional apps without user consent, and sending user location information to control servers.
Intel Security has released its McAfee Labs Threats Report: June 2016, which explains the dynamics of mobile app collusion. Apps designed to provide useful user services such as mobile video streaming, health monitoring, and travel planning are at the core of stakes.
For those who are unfamiliar, the dynamics of mobile app collusion refer to an environment where at least one app has permission to access the restricted information or service, one app without that permission but with access outside the device, and the capability to communicate with each other.
The report suggests a variety of user approaches to minimize mobile app col…