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The early use cases for video analytics

It is now obvious that, while many of the early use cases for video analytics relate to security and surveillance, the applications for the technology are rapidly diversifying to include a broader range of business intelligence and situational awareness use cases. According to the principal analyst Tractica, Anand Joshi, the retail and transportation sectors will continue to be the largest markets for video analytics over the next several years, but other markets such as consumer, city, critical infrastructure, and enterprise will also demonstrate strong growth.

Sophisticated computer vision and deep learning algorithms impacting Video Analytics

It is increasingly interesting to observe that, Video analytics systems, which extract actionable information from video content are gaining greater traction in a diverse set of application markets including retail, transportation, consumer, cities, critical infrastructure, and enterprise, among others. 
In effect, these systems may use intelligent cameras with onboard vision processing or specialized server-based software platforms, which are increasingly being aided by sophisticated computer vision and deep learning algorithms to help organizations interpret and analyze meaning within an ever-growing flood of video content. 
According Tractica, video Analytics Hardware, Software, and Services Revenue can reach $3 Billion by 2022.

Wikipedia, Wikidata, GeoNames, OpenCyc, DBpedia and UMBEL into a single structure

At the core of stakes, we have the advantages of knowledge-based artificial intelligence.
In effect Cognonto, a new start-up in knowledge-based artificial intelligence (KBAI) has launched its Cognonto Platform and KBpedia, a computable knowledge structure to automate much of the effort needed for machine learning. 
I can observe that, KBpedia leverages six large-scale knowledge bases: Wikipedia, Wikidata, GeoNames, OpenCyc, DBpedia and UMBEL into a single structure expressly designed to support artificial intelligence (AI) within enterprises.

Prototype of ‘Editable’ Blockchain for Enterprise and Permissioned Systems

At the core of stakes, we have: enterprise uses of blockchain technology particularly in banking, insurance and capital markets. Blockchain technology to resolve human errors, accommodate legal and regulatory requirements, and address mischief and other issues, while preserving key cryptographic features. Preserve the fundamental value of the technology while enabling enterprise adoption. In effect, Accenture has created a prototype of an editable blockchain capability for permissioned systems based on a modified chameleon hash function.
The prototype can represent a significant progress for enterprise uses of blockchain technology particularly in banking, insurance and capital markets.

Infrastructure Performance Monitoring Solution for SAN, NAS Environments

At the core of stakes we have VirtualWisdom5 and NAS Performance Probe that can enhance performance analytics across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. VirtualWisdom5 brings visibility into both SAN and NAS environments. It can offer easy access to real-time wire data and actionable analytics to ensure performance and availability for mission-critical applications across physical, virtual and cloud environments. 
NAS Performance Probe key features: Simultaneous monitoring of up to 16 ports, packaged in a 2RU chassis Full duplex monitoring at 10Gb Ethernet line rate with optical connectivity Support for NFS v3 environments, followed by SMB3 support in Q1 2017 Support for real-time monitoring of all NAS vendor products supporting NFSv3 Support for link aggregation.

New 3D Printing Solutions for Professionals and Educators

The democratization of 3D printing is on an interesting curve with actors like MakerBot multiplying global and customized initiates. For instance, new MakerBot Solutions that aim to address the wider needs of professionals and educators, focus in this perspective.
In effect, withMakerBot Replicator+, MakerBot Replicator Mini+, MakerBot Print, MakerBot Slate Gray Tough PLA Filament Bundle, Thingiverse Education, and More, engineers and designers have effective way to develop ideas and educators have a better way to integrate 3D printing in the classroom to teach creativity and problem solving.