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‘Self-Triangulation’ Technology for improved battery life and location accuracy, and improved 3D positioning

At the heart of stakes, we have: capabilities to allow a mobile or iOT device to improve its position by, in effect, triangulating its location on itself. Enable to location software to work on much lower power consumption than alternative LBS technologies, and have the potential to dramatically improve the battery life of mobile devices. I’m talking about the new patented technology (US Patent 14/961,088) from Rivada Networks. 
“Enhanced Location-Based Services using a single device with pseudo location positioning for improved 3D positioning”. 
The patented technology allows location to be identified precisely in three dimensions.

A suite of technology services to digitally enable global treasuries

At the core of stakes, we have treasury processes and operations within an enterprise. Real-time, integrated data and actionable treasury insights to power financial decision making.
In effect, the launch of TreasuryDNA Decisions and Analytics platformaims to enable global treasuries using cloud technologies, in our ever-connected world where global treasuries need to be digitally empowered with sophisticated tools and solutions to enable insights-driven financial decisions.
The platform aims to transform and enhance treasury processes and operations within an enterprise. It provides real-time, integrated data and actionable treasury insights to power financial decision making.

Affordable camcorder that plugs straight into Android™ phone ports (USB2.0 / 3.0 / TYPE-C)

At the core of stakes, we have the ability to preview, record and playback immersive spherical 360º videos and photos that can then be shared directly to Facebook™ and YouTube™ for 360º Spherical Views. It also syncs flawlessly with any VR headset currently available on the market without any technical lag.
I can observe that, the proprietary technologies that empower LyfieEye include an innovative, seamless LyfieSense™ architecture which optimizes several specialist technologies: optical lenses, semiconductor image sensors, an image processing IC chip that was created specifically for synchronizing LyfieEye’s two lenses, the USB connector for USB 2.0 / 3.0 / Type-C, and software integration with smartphones.

Linkage between Digital Transformation and Business Success

Stakes related to productivity, performance, security, flexibility, scalability, to name a few are huge when it comes to adopt and employ digital technologies in our ever-connected world. These realities increasingly oblige reluctant enterprises to step forward. 
Investment in next-generation digital technology, including Applications Services, Cloud, Collaboration Software, and Mobility is seen as increasing over the next three years, for many analysts.
Digital Enterprise Leaders Realize Greater Performance, According to an Economist Intelligence Unit Survey Sponsored by CSC.
Large, global companies that extensively employ digital technologies see greater performance, efficiencies and collaboration than companies that have not fully taken advantage of those technologies, according to a study of senior IT and non-IT executives conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on behalf of CSC. More than 500 CEOs, senior IT executives and other C-level executives from global enterprises p…

An easy solution to deploy Docker on Alibaba Cloud

It is increasingly encouraging to observe that, enterprises of all sizes in China and throughout the world are modernizing their application environments.
The partnership between Docker and Alibaba Cloud will bring enterprises the full lifecycle management needed to scale existing implementations into production
AlibabaCloud will resell Docker Datacenter, an integrated platform for developers and IT to collaborate, bringing improved security, policy and controls to the application lifecycle without sacrificing agility or application portability
Organizations of all sizes can containerize legacy applications, accelerate their digital transformations and build new microservices using Docker and Alibaba Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Cloud Service Wi-Fi for Enterprise

As an emerging technology and paradigm, cloud managed Wi-Fi receives lots of expectations and forecasts. For instance, Research firm Dell’Oro estimates the market for cloud managed Wi-Fi to reach $1+ Billion by 2020. Based on these realities, KodaCloudInc., through its Cloud Service Wi-Fi powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming out of stealth mode.
KodaCloud’s service consists of a network of Wi-Fi Access Points (AP) that are shipped directly to user location(s), without the need for a user to buy equipment or a partner to manage an inventory or shipments
KodaCloud’s service monitors, learns, adapts and can automatically act to adjust interference parameters in all customer networks using learning and real-time calculations with contextual information in real time, when and where needed without the active involvement of a network IT person.

Docker image store and distribution for Docker Hub on Alibaba Cloud

A new momentum for Docker, Inc., who brings Docker containers, the CS Docker Engine, and Docker Datacenter to the second largest economy in the world.
Through the commercial agreement betweenDocker, Inc., and Alibaba Cloud, will resell Commercially Supported (CS) Docker Engine and Docker Datacenter, enabling enterprises to manage their production workloads across the entire application lifecycle
With Docker Hub on Alibaba Cloud, users have a turnkey solution for creating distributed applications leveraging the content from thousands of Dockerized services available in the Docker Hub hosted repository.

The most important in Digital Marketing Analytics

A streamlined Digital Marketing Analytics platform in our ever-connected worldhighlightscapabilities in a variety of domains, such as extensibility, data collection and onboarding, data access, and deployment.
Digital Marketing Analytics platform should be able to provide brands and agencies with an advertiser-trusted, publisher-agnostic approach for measuring and optimising cross channel performance. 
The ability to measure the true impact of an organisation's marketing efforts by identifying the touchpoints that are most effective across the complex customer journey and determining how to best allocate budgets is a game changer.
For those who are unfamiliar, Gartner defines digital marketing analytics platforms as applications “used to understand and improve digital channel user experience, and prospect and customer acquisition and behaviour, and to optimise marketing and advertising campaigns, with an emphasis on digital channels and techniques.

The importance of NFC RF communication interoperability and NFC tags

I have a pleasure to recall that, with almost 40 billion connected devices expected by 2020 and over one billion NFC-enabled devices already in the market, the importance of NFC RF communication interoperability and NFC tags will continue to grow, especially in the transportation, Internet of Things and payments markets.