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The main hindrance when it comes to face Cybersecurity challenges.

As you can imagine, ensuring IT performance, maintaining a secure and a trustworthy IT environment is always the biggest technology-related challenge/priority, companies face across the world. 

But it is more and more encouraging to see that growing number of organizations and enterprises are deploying advanced security solutions in order to proactively mitigate the security issues that may arise from lack of user awareness, network traffic, and more.
It is also exciting to observe that, Organizations are implementing more expansive training and awareness initiatives to address the security challenges that exist within their corporate IT environments.
As the security landscape evolves at a faster rate than investments in IT security solutions, it is clear that, organizations across the world are facing a set of challenges, such as "ensuring availability of systems and applications", "improving the utilization of IT assets", and "managing connectivity".
The i…

Economic Growth and Digital Inclusion through Mobile Broadband in Rwanda.

The dynamic of development is on the way in Rwanda, where authorities foster and encourage capacity-building, know-how, performance and productivity. 
From cashless economy, via a paperless government to extending broadband to all citizens and enabling digital literacy and innovation, the digital industry is at the core of top priorities.  Therefore, theRwandan Ministry ofYouth and ICT and the GSMA have found an agreement to undertake a series of initiatives to increase citizens’ access to mobile broadband technologies across the country. observes that through this partnership, the GSMA and the Government of Rwanda will undertake a range of initiatives including: Developing joint forums to build institutional capacity, discuss sectoral policies and increase understanding of the socio-economic benefits of mobile; Creating educational and training programmes on mobile regulation to foster socio-economic development, expand financial inclusion through…

Data Center Fabric in our data-driven world.

In our data-driven world, data are the most critical asset to understand, correlate, save and to protect. Henceforth enterprises and a set of growing organizations are progressively aware of this opportunity.
In this dynamic, Data center fabric is henceforth billed as an appropriate solution that reduces the data center network infrastructure costs of enterprises. The major challenges that this technology faces is the threat to network security.
According to Research and Markets one key trend upcoming in this market is the decrease in network latency, and Cloud-based solutions provide an opportunity for businesses to operate over the internet, where very low network latency is essential. 
Its recent report states that the Data Center Fabric market in the US is predominantly driven by the need for cost-effective infrastructure. Key actors include: Alcatel Lucent Brocade Communications Systems Cisco Systems Dell Extreme Networks Hewlett-Packard Other Prominent Vendors Arista Networks Avaya…

Mobile multi-factor authentication software and service: technologies, trends, stakes, vendors,

When it comes to authenticate user identity, it is henceforth clear that, Username and Passwords have fail to provide adequate authentication and that, authentication-based attacks continue to juggle organizations of all sizes with the majority of breaches being attributed to weak or absent authentication. observes that, this reality has created significant market demand for mobile user authentication technologies that can be used to provide additional factor of authentication.
A set of growing enterprises and organizations including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Apple are already using two-factor authentication (2FA).
According to ABI ResearchOne-time-passwords (OTPs) and tokens have emerged as the preferred choice of authentication as they offer greater security because the password they generate is only valid for a single session/transaction.
Digital certificates based on the concept of public/private key cryptography are also an effective authentication …

Protected against differential power analysis (DPA) and related attacks.

Connected devices invade progressively our homes for various raisons. From security needs to entertainment envies, the infatuation is exciting. 
However, this growing momentum is impacted by a set of growing threats related to security, privacy and economical stakes. 

According to Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist of the Rambus Cryptography Research division, ''it becomes easier to mount attacks using DPA. Growing threats are impacting the content distribution market''.

Based on this reality, Cryptography Research Division and MStar, (a semiconductor company for display and digital home solutions), have signed a license agreement for the inclusion of advanced DPA countermeasure technologies developed by Cryptography Research in MStar products. can observe that, by incorporating these patented technologies, MStar’s tamper-resistant products, including set-top box chipsets, can be protected against differential power analysis (DPA) and related at…

Unified approach to metadata management for desktop and mobile users

It is obvious that, in our digital-driven world, a need and a desire for a more flexible, secure and user-friendly solution for both desktop and mobile users is growing. DocsCorp has released cleanDocs Mobile, a complement to its next generation metadata management software: cleanDocs Desktop. 
DocsCorp aims to enable a new approach to protecting organizations from unintentional information leaks. observes that the solution consists of two modules, cleanDocs Desktop and cleanDocs Mobile, which can remove more than 100 metadata types from documents. 
cleanDocs Mobile can clean documents sent from mobile devices, Outlook Web Access or any source where cleanDocs Desktop has not cleaned the document.