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IBM Bluemix , IBM Alert Notification Service and DevOps teams

Services downtimes are not tolerated in our dynamic-connected world; at that moment, it is obvious that, developers, operators and DevOps teams need real-time overview about potential issues and challenges concerning their apps, infrastructures and systems before their users are affected and so forth. 
The dynamic at the core of IBM Bluemix is exciting and the arrival of IBM Alert Notification Service that works with the real-time and historical network analytics of IBM Netcool Operations Insight, allows henceforth the developers and operators to receive notification when their attention is required.
In fact, to ensure teams never miss any actionable, crucial alerts, IBM Alert Notification Service is built to allow teams to create customized notification policies, ensuring alerts are routed immediately to the right team members. 
You can to opt to receive alerts via text or voicemail, in addition to e-mail; as the IBM Alert Notification Service also works with on premise solutions for th…

Google Cloud Audit Logs in our cloud computing era

It is increasingly encouraging to observe that, Managed services and streamlined capabilities are at the core of stakes and concerns in our digital era where downtimes are not tolerated.

The arrival of Google Cloud Audit Logs for your Google Cloud Platform projects is a great momentum available in beta for App Engine and BigQuery.
Cloud Audit Logs can help you to track the actions of administrators in your Google Cloud Platform projects. 
Connectikpeople recalls that they consist of two log streams: Admin Activity and Data Access.
Admin Activityaudit logs contain an entry for every administrative action or API call that modifies the configuration or metadata for the related application, service or resource.
Data Access audit logs contain an entry for: API calls that read the configuration or metadata of an application, service or resource API calls that create, modify or read user-provided data managed by a service (e.g. inserting data into a dataset or launching a query in …

Internet of Things Access to Industrial Automation Data

Many including McKinsey Global Institute for example, are identifying the factory as one of the largest sources of potential value to be realized from the adoption of the Internet of Things.
On Connectikpeople, we have access to comprehensive data that help you in real-time to understand and master the stakes related the potential of the Internet of Things.
When it comes to help organizations capture the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things, it is indispensable to understand that, henceforth, organizations can easily access actionable data from their manufacturing operations and use the data to inter alia : achieve new potential and improve performance and productivity. 
Connectikpeople salutes the dynamic that drives henceforth Kepware and PTC with the goal to help organizations to gain visibility into data from a vast range of industrial controls and production equipments. But also help organizations realize the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things.