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The fleet management market in Europe.

As emerging and growing market, the fleet management market in Europe is one of the most exciting in the world. It drives and entices consequent investments and adoptions are on the critical curve.
Within this market, TomTom (TOM2) via its Telematics business, plays henceforth a major role and continues to strengthen its position; this time by acquiring Fleetlogic, one of the leading fleet management service providers in the Netherlands.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and the 2015 Update of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

With these new releases, Microsoft focuses on transformational productivity; by inter alia making collaboration between roles natural and easy. By introducing the sales collaboration panel. Deliver personalized customer experiences.
It brings the new interactive marketing calendar, integrated Lync webinars, new graphical marketing workflow and email editing.
Without forget: A/B testing and integrated offers; expanded languages and geographies with the addition if Japanese and Russian; tailored dashboards and analytics on mobile and voice-enabled experiences through Cortana.
You can start your trial via: .
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Release Preview Guide is available via:

Develop and operate an open software platform for smart home devices and applications.

If, at the end 1994, the concept of the smart home was nascent, in 2014, we are still at the early stage of this emerging technology in terms of adoptions.
From energy management, via security technology, to entertainment, a set of appliance, systems, software and mobile applications are available nowadays, when it comes to deploy a smart home system., also available via, salutes the new initiative from ABB, Bosch, and Cisco to establish Joint Venture / Partner ecosystem to be open to all appliance manufacturers and service providers.
The final goal is to establish an international joint venture that will develop and operate an open software platform for smart home devices and applications
Headquartered in Germany, the joint venture announces its operations as from the beginning of 2015, enabling simple exchange of data between different manufacturers' devices. Not have to worry about technological, the new platform will make it possible to provide a …