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Here is why European enterprises are maturing in their approach to tablet deployments

It is interesting to observe that, European enterprises are maturing in their approach to tablet deployments and have started to focus more on applications and business outcomes, with deployments driven by the desire to increase employees' productivity, working flexibility, and collaboration, as well as by enterprises' digital and workspace transformation strategies.

Help organizations overcome the barriers to adopting augmented reality (AR) and monitor AR apps

It is now obvious that, Enterprises need to work on being agile and applying veritable measures around governance, security and risk management to fully realize the benefits of the emerging technologies.  To help organizations overcome the barriers to adopting AR and monitor AR apps that could impact their business, ISACA offers the following recommendations: Extend social media monitoring to AR platforms. Leverage and extend current social media policies and monitoring to augmented reality platforms. Consider how AR can improve your business. Training, diagnostics and marketing are three areas with particularly strong potential. Review your governance framework and update your policies. Incorporate use of AR as part of the business into organizational policies and procedures, including BYOD (bring your own device) and privacy policies. Build security into every part of the process. Security is a crucial component of AR initiatives that helps ensure confid…

Consumers and IT professionals disagree on the, benefits, risks and rewards of augmented reality (AR)

Emerging technologies including augmented reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly at the heart of stakes in many industries across the world.
This trend is on exciting curve with diverse impact. According to ISACA's ITRisk/Reward Barometer, consumers in India are more optimistic about augmented reality, while IT professionals in India are more concerned about the risks.
In fact, Consumers see the biggest potential benefits in training, healthcare and retail, significant business value and personal convenience.

Eye Tracker and Biometric Software Platform for Behavioral Research

At the core of stakes, we have unparalleled insights into human behavior; researchers within fields such as neuroscience, infant and child development, psychology, linguistics, reading and ophthalmology.
We also have the ability tocollect an increased amount of fine-grained data on eye movements with extremely high precision. Collect data at up to 600 hertz (Hz), to name a few.
In effect, the launch of Tobii Pro Spectrum and Tobii Pro Lab aims to disrupt the advanced eye tracking solutions market. Tobii Pro Lab enables the combination of visual attention data with other physiological measurements such as EEG (brain activity), GSR (sweat production due to emotions or stress) and ECG (heart activity).
I can also recall that, the new solution is accompanied by the Tobii Pro SDK, a comprehensive software development kit that will allow researchers to build their own customized applications for Tobii Pro Spectrum and other screen-based eye trackers from Tobii Pro.

The Chinese IT market will expand by 2017

It is interesting to observe that, innovation and entrepreneurship become the new norms of social development; that globalization is the direction of government and enterprises; that environmental protection and improving people’s livelihood are key to sustainable development.
Also exciting that, technologies including (3D printing, robotics, cognitive system, Internet of Things, AR and VR, and the next generation security) and, cloud computing, big data, mobile, social are at the core of stakes in our ever-connected era. 
ese IT market will expand by 2.3% in 2017, entering into a period of adjustment. Personal device market is likely to remain flat whereas the enterprise infrastructure hardware market is expected to grow 7.3% in 2017. Software market is forecast to expand 7.5%, while the IT service market to grow 8.7%.