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International payment and risk management solutions: AFEX paves its way.

The international payment and risk management solutions, as, industry is very sensitive. This reality requires flexible, secured, scalable, reliable and seamless technologies and architectures. hails the progressive efforts deployed by AFEX, as part of its commitment to strengthen its presence in the Americas while providing an entry into robust industries located throughout Canada, such as energy, mining, agriculture and manufacturing. This WOODLAND HILLS-based company will acquire the business of Jameson Bank, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Therefore, as part of our global commitment as the must-attend landmark for digital transformation, encourages AFEX strengthening its strategy around small and medium sized businesses seeking to proactively manage their international payment and foreign exchange requirements. It will be also pragmatic to accelerate seamless experience, when it comes to serve your clients, combined with your extended network …

Beware, holiday scams and cyber campaigns, and Security Updates for Flash Player and AIR.

As part of our security alerts and threats strategy and on behalf of our global commitment as the must-attend landmark for digital transformation for organizations of all-size, recalls that, as the Easter holiday approaches, please stay aware of holiday scams and cyber campaigns, which may include: shipping notifications that may be phishing scams or may contain malwareelectronic greeting cards that may contain malwarerequests for charitable contributions that may be phishing scams and may originate from illegitimate sources claiming to be encourages users and administrators to use caution when encountering these types of email messages and take the following preventative measures to protect themselves from phishing scams and malware campaigns: Do not follow unsolicited web links in email messages.Refer to the Shopping Safely Online(US-cert) Cyber Security Tip for more information on online shopping safety…

Advanced cooling technologies that improve energy efficiency while optimizing performance in datacenters.

In our nowadays data intensive world, we need innovative capabilities to reduce energy use in data centers, while optimizing performance. As global landmark for digital transformation for companies of all-size, has captured the SGI ICE X solution; asupercomputer developed by 3M, in collaboration, with Intel and SGI. In this project, is particularly seduced by the wide collaboration approach, and smaller environmental footprint with optimal computing power

Marché de l'avis client en ligne : ce que vaut réellement la start-up marseillaise Avis-Vérifié.

La réputation en ligne des e-marchands devient progressivement un facteur indispensable lorsqu’il s’agit de parler de taux de conversion des internautes ou mobinautes. C’est-à-dire que récolter, modérer et restituer les avis des clients, est devenu un moyen de booster les ventes et l’image des e-marchands. En effet, les mobinautes et internautes, pour la plupart désormais s’informent et comparent les prix avant de se convertir en e-acheteurs.
Comme nouvelle industrie, il se pose cependant, la question de fiabilité des avis publiés. C'est-à-dire, es-ce que les données récoltées ne sont pas manipulées à des fins obscures ou respectent par exemple la nouvelle réglementation française encadrant les avis en ligne ?
Chez Avis-Vérifiés, on se veut rassurant, en brandissant la certification de l'Afnor, en conformité avec la nouvelle réglementation encadrant les avis en ligne et annonçant le plus fort taux d'ouverture d'e-mails du marché, avec 12,6%.
Pour ceux qui le découvrent, …

Assess and validate quality and reliability of the Microsoft Lync unified communication platform on smartphones and tablets

With more and more users depending on mobile devices,, on behalf of our global commitment is seduced by each initiative susceptible to improve the mobile experience. This industry focuses on the content, applications, hardware and services. Meaning that, when it comes to penetrate this market, your first requirement should be the user-experience. is particularly impressed by the determination of Ixia, when it

All-in-one backup, replication and disaster recovery software solution: Dell paves its way with AppAssure 5.4.

With the nowadays economic and security requirements and challenges, periods of downtime are no longer acceptable, when it comes to data-management, or data-accessibility. Our global commitment is quite clear, therefore, is pleased to observe Dell progressively deploys important efforts to help organizations, better protecting data across physical, virtual and cloud environments hails the launching of AppAssure™ 5.4, the latest version of the company’s all-in-one backup, replication and disaster recovery software solution. This is not enough, but we are seduced by the reporting, usability and performance

Funding: Quad Learning, Kenshoo, and Wattpad, can now fuel global expansion and hire additional staff.

As, a unique objective reference for organizations and professionals, when it comes to the end-to-end digital’s transformation,, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their projects.
Quad Learning(founded in 2012, Washington DC-based higher education startup ), has raised $10 million in Series B funding from MentorTech Ventures, SWaN & Legend Venture Partners, New Enterprise Associates, and CNF Investments. If unfamiliar, recalls that, Quad Learning wants to bridge the divide between community colleges and four-year institutions. Quad Learning will use the funds to expand its reach to 10 community colleges by the end of the year and grow its

Our security note focuses on Microsoft Office, Office Services, Web Apps, Windows and Internet Explorer.

Image recalls that, Microsoft has released updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office, Office Services, Web Apps, Windows and Internet Explorer as part of the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for April, 2014. These vulnerabilities could allow remote code executions. encourages users and administrators to review the bulletin and follow best practice security policies

MongoDB 2.6 brings security, integration and analytics enhancements to ease deployment in enterprise environments.

Since the initial release of MongoDB, observes an encouraging work at MongoDB. This work progressively is marked by a set of deployments. The release of MongoDB 2.6, lays the new foundation for this startup. On behalf of our global commitment, recommends high level of management service,performance, Automation, scalability, flexibility and security, integration and analytics capabilities when it comes to a simple and elegant way to