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Huawei Launched the SoftCOM BIZ Program with the goal to help telecom operators.

The Huawei  strategy  around SoftCom, has been launched in February 2013. In this approach, the Chinese provider aims to

Enjeux, état, évolution et chiffres du mobile en France : 2007- 2013.

Sans doute, comme vous pouvez le constater autour de vous, la tendance mobile est au cœur de tous les foyers, les groupes, les

Google project Loon: here is how LOON connects folks.

In this series, we have talked about:

1.How loon works
2.How loon moves
3.How loon is designed
Now to close this series here is how Loon provides internet

Google project Loon: here is how LOON is designed: equipment, solar panels, circuit, materials...

By observing how this project is crafted, we could be confident. The pilot test will help us to learn more. Pending theses occasions, Project Loon’s balloon envelopes are

Google project Loon: Here is how LOON moves!

Here is the approach which has been adopted by Google engineers to make it possible: ‘’Winds in the stratosphere are generally steady

Google project Loon: let’s discover how it works!

The approach adopted by Google engineers aims to be quiet simple: Project Loon balloons float in the stratosphere, twice as

Google Project Loon: Our series to help you learn more about this ambitious project.

First, to dive you inside the project, you just have to know that Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of

Intelligence distribuée et la sécurisation des systèmes d’information : Alstom Grid et Intel trouve un accord de coopération.

De plus en plus on parle de ‘’réseaux intelligents’’ c'est-à-dire des routes optimisées de la source au destinataire final. Dans le

MTN (Dubai) Limited, still optimistic after having been prequalified to compete for a telecommunications licence in Myanmar.

MTN continues its expansion out of Africa. Thereby, following their presence in Afghanistan, Iran, Dubai, Yemen, Syria, now, the

Sony's smart watches are now opened for developers: stakes and opportunities.

As Google Glass, the smartwatches remain an embryonic concept in development. In this stage (state), promoters are facing many