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Instart Logic on its Multi-Page Predictive Prefetching and Mobile App Acceleration

Improved User Experience across Web, Mobile Web, and Native Apps, new transport protocols, big data analytics, and machine learning drives the new momentum. 
Instart Logic, as an endpoint-aware application delivery solution, is focusing on new performance capabilities aimed at improving the end user experience. 
Multi-page Predictive Prefetching and Mobile App Acceleration together can improve the performance of every app, whether it is a desktop, mobile or native IOS or Android application.

Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 with Enhanced Object Storage Capabilities, Improved Ease of Use

Support for object storage workloads, greater ease of use, petabyte of data or more, scale, increased security, and strong compatibility with industry-standard APIs is capturing the minds. Building on Ansible as a foundation, Red Hat Storage Console 2 can deliver a single, clean, and modern graphical interface to proactively monitor and manage health, performance, and capacity utilization. 
Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 can be a full-featured, technically-advanced storage platform that’s easy to use and helps them manage vast quantities of data at the enterprise level. Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 is scheduled for availability this summer.

DevOps Tools to Troubleshoot and Maintain Healthy Infrastructure at Scale

Unified Search, Incident Dashboards and Enhanced Integrations with Atlassian JIRA Software, Splunk and Datadog is at the heart of these new product updates and technology integrations which can give Ops teams the ability to troubleshoot and maintain healthy infrastructure at scale. 
In effect, BigPanda’s platform now includes Unified Search and Incident Dashboards as well as new integrations with Atlassian JIRA Software, Splunk and Datadog. 
BigPanda Unified Search is a new way for Ops teams to access alert data from all of their monitoring sources, eliminating the need to conduct parallel investigations within each monitoring tool. 
Ops teams that need an at-a-glance representation of operational health now have access to the new Incident Dashboard in BigPanda
BigPanda’s technology integration with team collaboration software company Atlassian helps Ops teams using Atlassian’s JIRA Software and HipChat products collaborate to solve more problems faster. 
Splunk and Datadog Integrations