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Free software and Free Hardware in our digital-driven world.

The movement of Free software and Free Hardware, progressively gains in maturity. The real stakes now are its democratization at all level. From enhanced security, flexibility, collaboration, productivity, via ensured rights of freedom, to privacy, and control of your computing, benefits from this approach of software and hardware distribution and development are unmatched.
Thank to Purism created with the goal to marry the philosophies of the free software movement with the hardware manufacturing process. 
According to his promoters, Purism is devoted, at its heart and soul, to providing the highest quality hardware available, that utilizes free software, ensuring the rights of freedom, privacy, and control of your computing. can also observe that, Purism aims to follow a strict belief in your rights to freedom, privacy, and control of your computing.

‘’Nonfree, or proprietary, software and installable firmware will be strictly prohibited within Purism. We promise that…

Cognitive computing and advanced analytics.

In a data-driven world, the ability to extract actionable insights from multiple sources and types of data in real-time is the keystone.
A set of interesting technologies and methodologies are already available. At Digital Reasoning, a cognitive computing provider, they focus on vast amounts of unstructured all-source and human intelligence data, with the goal to deliver relevant intelligence from pre-integrated, agile solutions. 
The appointment of Kelly Collins and Dan Dzenitis, respectively experienced in enterprise systems and software and experienced in the field of interagency intelligence and analytics, follow-ups this dynamic.
By turning advanced analytics into an on-demand service that intelligence, military, and civilian users can leverage,Digital Reasoning plans to make connecting the dots a reality with their government and integrator partners.

Cloud Connector Mobile App.

When it comes to Cloud connector for mobile app, the flexibility, performance and security make the difference. Deep Freeze Cloud Connector mobile app, is designed with the goal to enable IT teams to manage many activities from their mobile devices, brings flexibility to IT people, enabling them to perform critical tasks through their mobile phones.

LTE, a Standard for Public Safety broadband communications, in our mobile-driven world.

In our mobile-driven world enlivens inter alia by the proliferation of mobile videos consumption, the growing demand for enterprise mobility and productivity, LTE, a Standard for Public Safety broadband communications has a critical role to play. can observe that, a set of organizations, Public Safety agencies, vendors and service providers across the world are heavily investing in Public Safety LTE. 
Beyond this infatuation, it is obvious that, there still remain a number of key issues that need to be addressed such as frequency spectrum allocation, funding for private LTE network deployments, QoS prioritization of users in commercial networks, and interoperability with legacy Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems such as APCO 25 and TETRA. 
Research and Markets in its report aims to provide an in-depth coverage of the global Public Safety LTE industry to address the aforementioned issues, in addition to providing a detailed assessment of the technology, market size, and ke…

Microsoft Windows Servers with HOB Remote Desktop Services.

When it comes to remote access solutions, performance, scalability, security and usability are the keystone. At HOB Inc., they are hard at work with their HOB Remote Desktop Enhanced Services (HOB RD ES).
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, HOB RD ES was built with the goal to improve the secure remote access user experience with Windows Servers and to reduce the efforts of IT administrators. Henceforth the technology can provide security and enhanced usability with valuable features.

APIs Testing and development: stakes and recommendations.

In our highly competitive and disruptive digital-driven world, where API management vendors are building out their platforms to address as many of the capabilities required to manage API lifecycles as possible, where the necessity of testing for enabling quality code is required, where APIs represent new revenues streams, Connectikpeople.corecommends a fully integrated, extensible, flexible, secure and affordable platform to help development, testing and operations teams build reliable, scalable and secure APIs. 
Partnerships and alliances with third parties to enable high-quality API testing represent a trustworthy sign of maturity. A platform that creates a sandbox, within which virtual versions of APIs that behave differently can be tested under varying conditions, is welcome.
SmartBear has captured our attention with its ability to focus on what matters most. SmartBear added Ready! API to its product portfolio in September 2014. Ready! API is built around SoapUI, an open source tec…