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Showing posts from September 9, 2013

Orange Business Services helped to develop homecareONLINE: stakes and opportunity.

If until now, it remains complex to assess the impact of this investment in Orange Business’s portfolio, Connectikpeople can observed that, the solution aims to improve health care services for sleep apnea patients, satisfies new compliance requirements, and enables assessment of patients’ conditions and disorder treatment at home. Pending its commercialization as from October 2013, Connectikpeople may recall that, with homeCareONLINE, clinically useful data is collected from patients through Weinmann

IBM experts have recommended strategies for strengthening Ethiopia's livestock industry.

In the dynamic of emergence in Ethiopia, several high-tech projects are initiated and progressively implemented. In this momentum, IBM developed a model to improve market access and profits for Ethiopia's already-robust

Êtes-vous prêt à posséder un Smartphone gratuit mais optimisé pour recevoir beaucoup de publicités ?

Ah ! Certainement, la question traverse l’esprit ! de la gratuité de la gratuité… ! Nous n’en sommes pas encore là, mais l’idée est lancée, c’est à qui veut la prendre ou la mettre en pratique. Les rumeurs ont beaucoup circulé pendant le weekend, le géant de l’e-commerce : Amazon serait entrain de développer un smartphone gratuit sous Android. Une rumeur

Video: Sir Richard Branson's thoughts on SpaceShipTwo's second rocket powered test flight.

Well engaged, into the groundbreaking projects, the famous entrepreneur, Sir Richard

iPhone homeowners, you can now enjoy Xbox Music with free streaming limited to 10 hours a month after 6 months.

We know, they are so many Xbox Music lovers among you! As you are the first to hear this news, please share this information. In fact, Microsoft officially released the Xbox Music streaming iPhone app. Connectikpeople has observed that, the app requires an Xbox Music Pass to use. The app brings: Stream ad-free music from a catalog of tens of millions of songs You can add songs, albums, and playlists to your Xbox

The new PostgreSQL 9.3 brings expanded reliability, availability, and ability to integrate with other databases.

With this new release, you can build applications by enjoying new reliability, availability, and ability to integrate with other databases. In addition this latest version 9.3 makes PostgreSQL's Foreign Data Wrappers writable, enabling two-way data interchange between systems. According to Postgresql today’s complex IT environments involve multiple databases and semi-structured data sources, therefore PostgreSQL can help you integrate them into a coherent stack. As we can observe, this new release includes features to further improve and extend

MathWorks includes henceforth two new code verification tools: stakes and opportunities.

Henceforth with Polyspace Code Prover and Polyspace Bug Finder, MathWorks is improved.
Connectikpeople has observed that, available with the company’s Release 2013b also announced today, these products aim to deliver an end-to-end software verification capability for early stage development use, spanning bug-finding, coding rules

Panasonic today announced the Arbitrator 360°™ HD rugged mobile digital video evidence capture and recording system.

By its dynamic to provide agencies with a platform to record evidence in unmatched clarity and quality , Panasonic ahs unveiled this morning the Arbitrator 360°™ HD. Billed as the next generation in mobile evidence capture and management, the

Tesla Superchargers landed in Europe via Norway.

Elon Musk co-founder of Tesla remains pragmatic and strategic in its commercial approach. By choosing Norway as a gateway, he knows that, it is a good economy which generates one of the best performances in Europe. In this country there is no crisis. Therefore the European rollout of Tesla's

Adobe today announced Adobe Generator, with the goal to change the way people work with Photoshop for web and screen design.

Unveiled this morning,Generator aims to be a platform that brings Photoshop to the heart of the design process, bringing greater interoperability between Adobe® Photoshop® CC, Adobe Creative Cloud™ and third party applications. In addition , Connectikpeople has discovered that, Creative Cloud members have now access to Photoshop CC feature built using Generator technology, which streamlines web and screen design by

Henceforth Boingo has its first commercial Next Generation Hotspot Wi-Fi network at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

It is official since the last week, Boingo Wireless one of the leading DAS and Wi-Fi provider that serves consumers, carriers and advertisers worldwide, announced that the company has launched its first commercial Next Generation Hotspot Wi-Fi network at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Billed as the world’s first commercial Next Generation Hotspot Wi-Fi network at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, one of

Huawei 3GPP GERAN WG2: Yang Zhao will bring and implement its female touch.

For Connectikpeople who follows Huawei since several years now, we can observe that, this company accommodates lots of mutations, transformations in terms of sales, R&D and market share across the world. Today, we can affirm that this Chinese company is one of the leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. With Ms. Yang Zhao recently elected chairwoman of the 3GPP GERAN (GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network) Working Group 2 (WG2) responsible for protocol aspects of GERAN at the WG2’s fifty-eighth meeting, Huawei bets on a youngest ever elected 3GPP chairwoman to

Flat panel satellite antennas for the O3b network could open a wide range of new markets worldwide.

The different actors involved in this project have henceforth found an agreement: O3b Networks, which is launching its next-generation satellite constellation for satellite services with fiber-like speeds , and Kymeta Corporation, the company commercializing innovative software-enabled metamaterials-based electronic beamforming antennas for satellite communications . This means, the two companies will jointly develop the satellite tracking antennas and

Dell announced improvements to its channel partner programs: stakes and opportunities.

Henceforth the new improvements include: software-specific enhancements to its PartnerDirect program through four new software competencies, as well as new service provider and referral programs. Connectikpeople has observed that, the enhancements aim to highlight Dell’s commitment to enabling channel partners to sell end-to-end solutions through one simple program, and increase the scope and revenue potential of their partnerships. This means, partners selling a mix of Dell hardware and software can now achieve