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iOS Game: LEGO Batman lands on your iPhone.

Today LinkedIn announces the launch of LinkedIn Contacts.

New Ubuntu 13.04 , with many enhancements and fixes and to download.

Announcement: World's First Smartphone for visually impaired with an innovative touch screen.

Today Google Doodle celebrates the 96th anniversary of the Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald.

Aide au shopping : Développer ses ventes sur Internet avec la ‘’curation de contenu’’.

Nouveau Smartphone chez Acer le nommé Liquid E2, à 229 euros.

Infographic : Discover how companies and brands use social network as a channel in ASEAN

iOS Game: Draw Something 2 lands on your iPhone

BitTorrent Sync (stockage et de synchronisation) est désormais disponible : comprendre les Enjeux.

iOS Apps: Tumblr updated in version 3.3.1, to ‘’do more’’ than just reblog

iOS apps: Drafts updated in version 3.0 to capture and share text.

Today Google doodle pays tribute to influential cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa.

The new Disqus profiles: to get to know and follow the people