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Encrypting phone calls and video calls, and voice or video conferences.

Encryption is henceforth a path forward when it comes to secure our communications; protect our critical applications and operations and assets.
This means inter alia that, companies and organizations, need: flexible, scalable, seamless, and comprehensive system for encrypting phone calls and video calls, and voice or video conferences.
Advanced telecommunications systems for Private Brand eXchange (PBX) and Internet-based PBX (IP PBX) are recommended and solution providers should be able to extend their services to new geographies, allocate resources faster and offer flexible payment models.  
When it comes to encryption solutions, the entry costs and the burden of managing the systems should be eliminated. Encrypt your phone calls, simply by downloading application; this is exciting like secure calls managed both on WiFi networks, on cellular networks and appropriate authority to control the activities. 
Gama Operations paves its ways in this vertical.

Engineering software and embedded systems.

The nowadays requirements of our global economy recommend enterprises to focus on mobility, productivity and performance of their staffs. The end-to-end competitiveness sought ,can leverage the combination of resources, knowhow and expertise.
QuEST Global, provider of engineering solutions, has acquired NeST Software., soon #Retinknow encourages this integration susceptible to bring seamless, flexible, innovative and reliable opportunities.

Dell KACE Systems Management solutions in our ever changing IT environment.

They are not revolutionary, but a set of holistic solutions likely to help you appropriate your IT assets. In our ever challenging security environment where cybersecurity attacks are more and more sophisticated and various, Dell KACE Systems Management solutions can help you better track and manage mobile devices, mitigate security risks through visibility across IT infrastructures and identify vulnerabilities across servers, desktops, laptops and tablets.

Public IT Cloud Services charting their course.

Beyond the holistic capabilities of Cloud Services vendors to expand and diversify their offerings and for IT buyers, to implement new solutions, it is also exciting to see that, demand at the application level, continues to grow.
This means that, the flexibility, scalability and the productivity provided by the software as a service (SaaS) are well appreciated and its architecture continues to dominate public IT cloud services spending.
The infrastructure as a service (IaaS), follows the trend, and the Platform as a service (PaaS) and cloud storage services, are billed, as the fastest growing categories, driven by excitements around developer community and big data-driven solutions.

The M2M/IoT space in our digital-driven world.

Opportunities and stakes surrounding the M2M/IoT space are more and more appropriated by a set of digital actors, to bring added value to the end user, and drive new revenue streams., soon #Retinknow recalls that when it comes to the M2M/IoT space, we talk inter alia about machines that can send information to one another using SIM cards and without the direct involvement of human interaction. 
As one of the emerging business segments in technology, the M2M/IoT, combined with cloud based solutions, can help inter alia deliver connectivity, reliable data and critical applications and streamlined operations.

A modern Gmail app for Android in mobile-driven world.

User experience, productivity, customized design, security, social and useful features are henceforth critical when it comes to mobile mail applications.

With the new Gmail app for Android, Google aims to chart the course when it comes to modern style, sleeker transitions, design, productivity and convenience.
The updated Gmail app, available very soon (Google Play), will support inter alia: all Android 4.0+ devices and separate inbox, your Yahoo Mail or addresses using POP/IMAP. 

Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Version 5, within the cloud environment.

It is more and more encouraging to observe that the cloud environment is characterized by comprehensive solutions; virtualization and OpenStack solutions; the integration of critical components; a single management console and methodology; native applications ; heterogeneous and hybrid environments.
In fact, today’s IT organizations and organizations focus on customized solutions and on their own terms, needs and timeline.
in this dynamic, henceforth, with Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure 5, organizations can manage OpenStack and virtualization environments via a unified platform.