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Network Function Virtualization (NFV): realities and opportunities.

Distributed systems; relevant policies; embedded frameworks; virtualized network functions; seamless, flexible and scalable platforms; productivity, security; simplicity and more are the critical tools and elements that businesses needin real-time when it comes to appropriate their mission-critical operations and to streamline their competitiveness.
Within this quest the Network Function Virtualization (NFV), brings rapid increase of network capacity; great visibility into the entire process; simpler and cheaper networks to upgrade and it is easier to distribute load and share resources in the systems.

The SaaS fleet management platform: stakes, recommendations and solution.

As a SaaS platform, it is obvious that, criteria of flexibility, scalability, simplicity, security and transparency are required. 
But when it comes to a specific vertical like SaaS fleet management platform, the platform should be capable to inter alia: seamlessly, to correlate, structure and integrate information captured in the field into intuitive back-end systems.
The goal is to enable powerful decision making based on real-time data and ease of use mechanism. The API, provided should be comprehensive, secure and innovative. 
At TomTom Telematics, they are deeply committed with their WEBFLEET platform (a Software-as-a-Service solution) to improve vehicle performance, safe fuel, support drivers and increase overall fleet efficiency.

Two-factor authentication platform: recommendations, realities and solution.

When it comes to secure access to the key IT assets that drive your businesses, in our new IT Convergence world, it is clear that, you need simplicity and efficiency across the entire process.
The two-factor authentication can help you if the solution is flexible, scalable, open, seamless, and easy to use. It is also obvious that the solution you need should integrate seamlessly with an expansive range of applications, devices, and services, providing comprehensive and sophisticated protection of user credentials, cloud-based productivity applications, online storage services and more. Duo Securityis paving its way in this vertical.

Real-time data in our digital-world: stakes, realities and recommendations.

It is clear that, the way we capture and understand, we structure and  consume and we harness data in our mobile-driven world, is critical and sensitive. Because data become a strategic asset that can help to inter alia: maximize system utilization and productivity, lower costs, achieve higher levels of financial stability, improve security and living conditions, streamline critical operations and more.
The real-time data brings the flexibility we need when required to appropriate each process, practice, policy, technology and methodology.
With the real-time data, we gain greater operational insights in real-time;continuous monitoring, predictive simulation, optimization, automation; intelligent situational awareness; real-time decision making processes; effective real-time data infrastructure and more.

The Red Hat Cloud for Government program: realities and recommendation.

From the flexibility to productivity, the benefits and capabilities of the cloud are the solid elements organizations, enterprises, and public sector need in real-time, to inter alia streamline : their services, operations and infrastructures.,  salutes the launching of Red Hat Cloudfor Government, a consulting platform that can help government agencies at all levels to easily deliver a secure cloud strategy and infrastructure.,  is particularly seduces by the willingness of Red Hat to focus on simplicity, productivity, cost-effectively and customization. These factors of competitiveness are henceforth required in our ever changing digital environment.
When it comes to this kind of vertical program, a series of hands-on, risk-free assessments, holistic trainings, dynamic processes and tools are recommended to help agencies easily: manage and run cloud services and
to appropriate safe, standardized, and fully-compliant cloud infrastructure.

Our Cyber Security Awareness focuses on attack detection: realities, stakes and recommendations.

In our digital-driven world; data, technologies, applications and IT infrastructure are among our most critical assets that require holistic and sustainable security strategy including relevant policies, permanent trainings, best practices and sophisticated skills and knowhow.
Cyber threats and Cyberattacks are more and more aggressive, varied and sophisticated from multiple sources; while research shows that most security breaches remain invisible over weeks, months or even longer.
Therefore, soon #Retinknow, recommends organizations to appropriate: attack detection as a critical capability, and leverage  the knowhow from the providers of advanced threat, security and compliance solutions, when it comes to confidently detect, prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats.

A two-factor authentication startup, a personal learning network and a platform for event planners.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape (venture capital and business angels), technological enterprises and innovators across the world.
EdCast,( Founded in 2013, a personal learning network headquartered in Mountain View), has raised a $6 million Series A round led by SoftBank with participation from Menlo Ventures, NewSchools Venture Fund, Novel TMT Ventures, Cervin Ventures, Aarin Capital, the Stanford StartX Fund, and Mitch Kapor, soon #Retinknow, recalls that EdCast is building a network for institutions, instructors, and students to collaborate and share educational materials. EdCast will use the cash drive product development and growth.
HoneyBook,( always in beta since earlier 2014, a platform for event planners based in San Francisco, has raised $10 million in a Series A round led by Aleph VC with participation from Hillsven Capital, Ooga Labs