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New Iteris’s PedTrax Computer Vision for Smarter Crosswalks

At the center of stakes, we have: computer vision technology for automated pedestrian measurement at intersections; safety and mobility, count, direction and speed of pedestrians in crosswalks, insights on levels of street life, accurate and comprehensive view of pedestrian activity.
In effect, with PedTrax, Iteris is adding new pedestrian measurement capabilities to its advanced video detection platforms that already include bicycle detection and differentiation feature, SmartCycle®. 
Then, one can observe that, PedTrax automates measurement of count, direction and speed of pedestrians in crosswalks to provide insights on levels of street life. 
Transportation professionals and officials can make cities safer for pedestrians with better-informed decisions based on foot traffic volume, direction and speed to optimize intersection signal timing, and to inform proactive improvements to signage and striping, intersection design, overpass locations, school crossing guard deployment, and even…

ANAQUA 8.6, as a ‘streamlined’ IP management platform

At the core of stakes, we have: Big Data Analytics into Intellectual Property Management; Insight into Day-to-Day IP Operations; IP process with business insight and more.
In our ever-connected digital world where competitive organizations seek to become smarter about getting maximum business value from intellectual property at the lowest possible cost, ANAQUA8.6 enriches the IP process with business insight gleaned from million of patents and billion related artifacts. 
According to Anaqua, this intelligent system uncovers fresh opportunities to drive revenue and reduce costs and risk through new capabilities powered by the integration of analytics from AcclaimIP, which Anaqua acquired in the spring of 2016. 
Inventors, business executives, IP leaders, operations managers, attorneys, and paralegals can benefit from the insight delivered through a unified IP platform.

ExaFlash™, as a new all-flash platform for cloud, big data, virtualization and massive digital content

At the core of stakes, we have simplicity, scalability, efficiency, and cost; with Nimbus Data’s ExaFlash™ Platform which aims to reshape the storage and data center industries. One can observe that, data flow is decoupled from metadata and management is centralized. Multiple storage protocols, including block, file, and object, can operate simultaneously using Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand networks.