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Ensure quality of service delivered to enterprises implementing Hadoop-based solutions.

In our digital age, it is henceforth indispensable to support businesses on their end-to-end analytics and digital transformation journeys with key capabilities needed to turn data into an actionable asset. Make big data and analytics more accessible: insight-driven decision-making and outcomes.
At, we are deeply aware of those stakes. Therefore encourages the expansion of the Hortonworks Systems Integrator Partner Program.
The expanded program includes advanced online training systems for partners and more extensive certification requirements for ensuring quality of service delivered to enterprises implementing Hadoop-based solutions.
In fact, trusted, expert Hadoop services on a global basis are critical when it comes to ensure that enterprises achieve their business objectives.

Puppet on Google Compute Engine.

For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Puppet, as an open-source utility, help you configure and manage servers by using Puppet's simple, declarative language. The Puppet Forge provides reusable, open-source modules that let you automate common tasks, such as installing and configuring operating systems or configuring and managing firewalls.
Henceforth you can easily deploy Open Source Puppet on Google Compute Engine with Click to Deploy. You can also quickly set up a Puppet master configured with node_gce and gce_compute modules to provision and manage resources on Compute Engine. also recalls that you can also learn more about running Open Source Puppet on Google Compute Engine. Puppet Labs for professional services, premium support, or training; available!

Modern collaboration in Office 365.

In our mobile-driven age, where companies need to empower the formation of dynamic teams and where collaboration is central to productivity and innovation, recalls that, (as you can observe here!) this is also our mission to help teams within enterprises and organizations come together, work smarter and faster, and scale their impact.
Easy, flexible, seamless and secure ways to self-organize, stay connected on the go, are indispensable in this momentum. 
The new Yammer experience within Office 365 by making Yammer a part of Office 365 Groups and Yammer signals a part of the Office Graph has captured our attention; because you can engage more deeply within groups and it is possible for extended teams to stay in sync and do more together.
You can also add extended team members from outside your organization, outside participants only access the conversations they have been added to. ‘Those who realize the most value use yammer as a home for their projects and initiatives’…