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Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.3 as an enterprise-grade, Docker- and Kubernetes-native container platform

At the core of stakes, we have expanded developer productivity and agility, enhanced capabilities to deploy cloud-scale applications.Enterprise-grade security. In effect, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.3 is bringing new developer features and deployment scalability, on a secure enterprise container platform, to improve application delivery across the hybrid cloud.
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is designed to support organizations as they build and maintain both cloud-native and traditional applications, providing a solution they can use across the application lifecycle, from development to production.

The latest Bluetooth® toolkits

At the core of stakes, we have: several updates to its developer toolkit line-up. The ability to build faster and smarter when creating things like mobile apps and low-cost beacons, as well as gateways that control IoT sensors. 
The latest developer kits are available for download at

The T6000, as high-performance thermal barcode printer

Printronix Auto ID, Inc., has designed its device for the mid-range market. In effect, the T6000 is engineered for industrial applications such as manufacturing, automotive, transportation, retail, transport and logistics. 
The T6000 is loaded with advanced features, online data validation (ODV) technology and the industry’s most comprehensive emulation package that allows for easy integration into legacy environments.

The Bluetooth technology on the Internet of Things (IoT) gains traction

It is now obvious that, as the IoT gains traction, Bluetooth has emerged as one of the market frontrunners and continues to exhibit strong growthwith significant opportunities in beacons, home automation, and wearables in which lower energy consumption is critical Bluetooth technology advancements in energy efficiency, range, and mesh networking will boost the momentum, as Bluetooth enabled device shipments will increase by an average of half a billion per year through 2021, reaching more than five billion, according to Andrew Zignani, Industry Analyst, ABI Research.

The ability to monitor and control their Bluetooth sensors remotely

Now, with Bluetooth Secure Gateway Toolkit, developers have access to components and simple initial set-up, in-depth and hands-on labs, and enhanced security components to create an Internet gateway that gives people the ability to monitor and control their Bluetooth sensors remotely
Developers can now expand IoT functionality in their products and leverage industry leading, government-grade security features introduced in Bluetooth 4.2. 
I can also recall that, devices can now connect directly with this gateway via a secure connection without the need for a smartphone or tablet to serve as the go-between.

Labor costs as the biggest benefit of robotics process automation

For a set of stakes related to productivity, flexibility, performance, efficiency, competitively and security, many organizations across the world are turning to robotics process automation (RPA).
Valued at $183 million three years ago, the global robotics process automation (RPA) market is expected to be worth $4.98 billion by 2020, according to a report from Transparency Market Research. According to a new survey from CompuCom, IT pros see reduced labor costs as the biggest benefit of robotics process automation. This, over competitive edge (24 percent), better customer experience (20 percent) and employee job satisfaction (13 percent). 
The online poll collected responses from 600 IT professionals across multiple industries from May 26 – September 15, 2016.

The benefits of legalizing online gambling

I found important to recall that, some of the benefits of legalizing online gambling are an increase in revenue in the form of tax. 
In effect, governments can impose a high tax on the online gambling vendors and use the revenue for the development of the country. The money can contribute towards societal welfare through NGOs, development of hospitals, and educational institutions. 
Legalizing of online gambling can also create job opportunities for people. Thus, the easing of regulations on gambling serves the wider interest of the government.

ZigBee-enabled home automation devices

Many findings converge on the fact that, the global ZigBee home automation market is on an exciting curve with the number of unit shipments of ZigBee-enabled home automation devices like connected bulbs, smart lighting systems, on/off switches, dimmable lights, color dimmable lights, dimmer switches, color dimmer switches, light sensors, heating/cooling units, smart thermostats, door locks, door lock controllers, home gateway/energy management systems, intruder alarm system (IAS) control and indicating equipment, STBs, smart remotes, occupancy sensors to end-users, including residential customers and commercial customers that are focused on reducing energy consumption.

Toshiba Tec Unveils Industrial 6-Inch Width Label Printer

At the center of interests, we have: Performance with lower total cost of ownership, speed, various types of 6-inch labels, rugged industrial applications, rugged design, USB, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connectivity, and more. 
In effect, Toshiba Tec has unveiled its newly-developed, industrial label printer, B-EX6. B-EX6 model is capable of printing on various types of 6-inch labels with 305dpi high resolution print quality.

Premium A2P and P2A messaging services across various industry verticals

It is now clear that, premium A2P and P2A messaging services are hitting various industry verticals, including government, BFSI, IT & telecom, healthcare, travel & tourism, retail & eCommerce, and others. Many analysts in the industry believe that, the retail and eCommerce vertical is expected to hold the largest market share during 2016 to 2021owing to constant growth in the number of internet users, proliferation of smartphones, and the increasing number of tech-savvy consumers.

The Premium A2P and P2A Messaging Market size is estimated to grow from USD 55.49 billion in 2016 to USD 71.60 billion by 2021, according to Research and Markets.

The driving forces of the premium A2P and P2A messaging market

Day after day, new tech realities and trends enter and influence our lives; so that we are now definitely accustomed to.  For instance, increased mobile marketing by marketers and application developers, growth in mobile payment and mobile banking applications, ability to receive messages without data connection, and rapid increase in mobile subscriber base are some of the driving forces of the premium A2P and P2A messaging market.