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Making GPUs (Graphics Processing Units available in Google Cloud means

It is now obvious that, for Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Machine Learning, businesses will be able to use GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) that are highly-specialized processors capable of handling the complexities of machine learning applications
In this context, making GPUs available in Google Cloud means that you can focus on solving challenging computational problems while accessing GPU machines from anywhere and only paying for what you need. In effect, you'll be able to band your ML-powered applications to a rocket engine, resulting in faster and more affordable machine learning models.

The Google Cloud Jobs API in our ever-connected world

I have a pleasure to welcome the Google Cloud Jobs API that provides businesses with Google-strength capabilities to find, match and recommend relevant jobs to candidates.
I can observe that, Cloud Jobs API uses machine learning to understand how job titles and skills relate to one another and what job content, location, and seniority are the closest match to a jobseeker’s preferences
The API is intended for job boards, career sites and applicant tracking systems.