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Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.1 is available adding support for Android tablets.

For those who unfamiliar, Oracle Secure Global Desktopis a remote application access solution providing easier application access using HTML5 with Google Chrome on Windows and Mac, and eliminates the need for a separate install of client software on the device. Including Oracle Unified Directory, the new 5.1 release provides secure access to applications using just the built-in web browser, without the

You can now copy Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) snapshots between AWS regions.

Following the release of the ability to copy EC2 AMIs, EBS Snapshots, and DynamoDB tables between Regions, henceforth you have the ability to copy Amazon RDS(Relational Database Service) snapshots between AWS regions. This means, you can initiate the copy from the AWS Management Console, the

Henceforth Oracle Virtual Networking can help you improve infrastructure performance, reduce cost and more.

For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople may recall that, Oracle Virtual Networking is the open architecture data center fabric that aims to simplify complex data center deployments with a wire-once solution and simple software defined network configurations. As of now the new enhancements bring: ·Oracle Virtual Networking now supports Oracle’s full SPARC portfolio, including the

Here is how IBM, City of Fort Lauderdale Collaborate to Bolster Anti-Crime Resources.

Ifcouple of years ago, access in real time to data was so difficult, nowadays this issue is addressed by new and advanced data and analytics tools. Therefore the decision makers have whereof to make and operate the informed and good decisions. In this momentum, IBM and the City of Fort Lauderdale, conduct a research and development relationship that aims to enable the City to be a leader in crime prevention and a national role model for other communities through the use of

Dear professionals, New IDC Study Addresses Management Challenges, Best Practices Achieved through the Integration of Enterprise Social Network Tools

Entitled ,‘’Becoming a SocialBusiness: Integrating Social Software Assets Throughout the Enterprise‘’, Connectikpeople has observed that, this report addresses the management challenges and subsequent best practice outcomes that can be achieved through the integration of existing enterprise social network tools with other networks or enterprise applications. In this dynamic, the analysis found that organizations may not integrate disparate social networks in the short term as other areas of business investment take priority, but they will begin to target online communities as a way to incent ongoing conversations and to connect disconnected social networks inside and outside the

U.S.-based Earth Networks demonstrates the power and the impact of advanced weather and storm technologies in Africa.

Be able, to track in real time, the thunderstorms, monitor precipitation and issue alerts to severe weather across the country, is essential for the economy and the health of each country. Therefore many countries around the world countries like Guinea in

Voici pourquoi Connectikpeople un véritable catalyseur des (IDE) investissements directs étrangers et du tourisme en Afrique.

En trois ans d’existence, le succès grandissant de Connectikpeople en Afrique, aux USA, en France, Allemagne, Canada, Russie, Ukraine, UK…est sans précédent. Ce succès se traduit par la qualité supérieure de nos contenus, le bilinguisme (Français et Anglais), la qualité des personnalités qui utilisent Connectikpeople au quotidien notamment : les chefs d’entreprises, les fondateurs d’entreprises, les business Angel, les fonds d’investissements, des milliers d’entreprises qui s’inscrivent progressivement à

Ce que vaut le réseau professionnel LinkedIn en fin septembre 2013.

Jusqu’à présent LinkedIn est bien soutenu par les grands fonds d’investissement qui croient à son label. Ils n’ont pas tort puisque pour son troisième trimestre fiscal 2013, les revenus de LinkedIn continuent de progresser. Comme vous pouvez l’imaginer, son avenir se joue sur le mobile où le réseau doit développer une présence riche et solide. Annoncés ses résultats présentent un chiffre d'affaires amélioré de 56% sur un an pour atteindre 393 millions de dollars, contre 252 millions l'année dernière

ARM Internet of Things (IoT) technology: ARM® and Telenor Connexion announce that Telenor Connexion has licensed ARM Sensinode software.

For those who unfamiliar, ARM Sensinode software enables Telenor Connexion to provide standards-based, energy-efficient and secure machine-to-machine (M2M) services that reduce time to market for smart products. Telenor Connexion is currently serving customers in the telematics, asset management,