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Actionable technological perspectives captured for you this week.

Notable innovations are underway with exciting approaches combined with holistic philosophy when it comes to streamline our digital experiences. So, can note that: 
New sensors may allow your phone to monitor body fluids, including blood, urine, saliva, sweat, even breath. Energous Corporation’s new WattUp wireless charger powers your devices on the go by converting radio waves into usable energy for your smartphone or other devices. Meta Wearable one company has created a “blank canvas” wearable device that includes all the hardware developers need to start building wearables apps now.
Software-defined infrastructure and software-optimized high performance computing will usher in a new era of computing possibilities.
Researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison have created technology that turns friction from your car’s rolling tires into energy.
Following Musk’s $10 million investment, the Future of Life Institute recently distributed $7 million to 37 research teams t…