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Medical image handling and processing in our digital age.

The combination of machine learning and cognitive computing, artificial intelligence components and the cloud technologies are now a game changer when it comes to inter alia:
to unlock the value of medical images to help physicians make better patient care decisions,
Manage a growing body of medical images,
surface new insights from a consolidated, patient-centric view of current and historical images, electronic health records, data from wearable devices and other related medical data, in a HIPAA-enabled environment,
Help healthcare providers in fields including radiology, cardiology, orthopedics and ophthalmology to pursue more personalized approaches to diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. salutes the IBM’s strategy to add rich image analytics with deep learning to the Watson Health platform.
The new acquisition of Merge is IBM’s third major health-related acquisition, following Phytel (population health) and Explorys (cloud based healthcare intelligence). 

Cloud-based rendering and data processing in our digital age.

The cloud is henceforth at the core of stakes when it comes to power and to streamline graphics rendering, media archival, and video processing ranging from transcoding to content distribution around the world for livestreaming.
So, salutes the new initiative called Zync, (public beta) as a cloud-native rendering solution by Google Cloud Platform.