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The new Telecoms Convergence: realities, keys players and recommendations.

Beyond the selfies’ trend (auto-portrait), it is always exciting to remind that, the mobile is henceforth the center of our interests, in terms technologies; R&D; services; data; knowledge; intelligence and more.
In this momentum, mobile operators play ,and will play one of the major roles, when it comes to help people, companies and organizations to enjoy; to access and to harness the full potentialities related to the mobility.
This means mobile operators need and have to transcend their traditional services (Voice, SMS, and MMS) for investing in specific services and technologies.
Henceforth, the robust growth of the mobile Internet market; proliferating of mobile data subscriptions and enhanced network capacity drive and will drive the new Telecoms Convergence.
Therefore,  recommends  to mobile carriers to focus on mobile data consumption ,value addition contents and technologies  to mitigate the declining voice and messaging ARPU trend.

Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) : realities, stakes and recommendations.

Beyond the hype surrounding this new trend,, as part of its global commitment recalls that, when it comes to Software-defined infrastructure (SDI), we talk about the perfect and the real-time overview and management of your IT infrastructure. 
Within this dynamic, three fundamental elements emerge: ·The SDN (software-Defined Network), ·The NFV( Network Function-Virtualization), ·The SDS (Software-Defined Storage).
The real stake with regard to the SDN (software-Defined Network), is to observe that, you can centralize visibility and the network control in real-time and from any device.  You can anticipate failures and downtimes, because you can deploy a perfect view of your network (potholes, bottlenecks, etc.). You optimize your infrastructure, because peaks points are appropriated and more.
When it comes to the NFV (Network Function-Virtualization), we focus on virtual machines which help us with automated capabilities, to optimize in real-time our network, reduce costs …

Mobile Experience Management platform : realities, recommendations and solutions.

In our digital-world, the mobile is henceforth at the core of our minute-to-minute activities. The mobile-video consumption proliferates; people more and more use social media; messaging apps and the mostly of services are now and will be available via your mobile. This means inter alia users deserve sophisticated experience, in terms of services, technologies, security and accessibility. When it comes to Mobile Experience Management (MEM) platform for mobile app analytics, personalization, and testing, encourages and recommends marketers to focus on: 

the ability to target app users with the right in-app messages at the right time, platforms that can help them to communicate dynamically with ,
The following Formats including slide-in messages, pop-ups, and screen takeovers,
Platforms that let them more easily customize the look and feel of their in-app messages to ensure campaign and brand consistency,
Platform to analyze, personalize, and test in-app messages and ensu…

Data center into one agile converged infrastructure: stakes, recommendations and solutions.

In our new ITConvergence world combined with the hyper-scale environments where, the mobile is the meet-point, in terms of data, services, technologies and influences, it is clear and obvious that, companies still need and select the optimum equipment in order to meet the increasing needs of their users and infrastructures every time. This means, companies need inter alia:

Flexible, agile, scalable, secure, open and converged infrastructure,
the maximum choice for their compute infrastructure without the management complexity ,
The RESTful API, to actively discover, monitor, manage and provision their compute infrastructure along with the rest of the network resources,
a single management user interface to design, deploy, manage and protect IT services across a diverse structure of processing, memory and storage resources.
In this dynamic,, soon #Retinknow®, can also recommend to the companies or services providers to automate where it is possible in order to ensure the…

Predictive Energy Optimization software: recommendations, realities and solutions.

As a company or an organization, energy savings should integrate our top priorities. Not only due to the environmental requirements or challenges, but also because the performance and competitiveness needed could be affected or impacted.
With the cloud computing technologies, henceforth we have the unmatched opportunities to increase visibility into savings. The cloud-based software solution recommended by, soon #Retinknow®, should focus on: the flexibility, agility, scalability, encryption, transparency and on comprehensive capabilities and features.
When it comes to Predictive Energy Optimization software,, soon #Retinknow® encourages users to focus inter alia on:
Predictive Energy Optimization software which can offer streamlined analytics, increase visibility into savings and improve managed services,
An intuitive interface that can offer real-time transparency into energy operations,
Solution that uses variables such as weather forecasts, utility…