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A spearphishing campaign targeting government employees.

A cloud management service, a recruiting software startup, and a rehydration drink maker.

Industrie recherche locale personnalisée sur mobile : acteurs, réalités et enjeux.

Mobile advertising in Switzerland: advices, recommendations and Adello paves its way.

New security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Chrome, Chrome OS and Chrome for Android.

Relevant information regarding security assessment practices of legal organizations in North America: advices, recommendations and the report.

Industrie lecteur de cartes add-on destinés aux PME et petits commerçants : modèle économique, réalités, enjeux et acteurs.

Combined with News# and #Usecases,, soon #Retinknow revolutionizes the technological sphere across the world.

Network Security for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) / M2M communications: advices, recommendations and Distrix paves its way.