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Les amendes record contre Microsoft en Europe : entre jeux de ping-pong, enjeux et réalités.

Microsoft condamné pour avoir négligé dit-il d’afficher l’écran de choix des navigateurs dans son système d’exploitation. Cela étonnerait plus d’un à savoir que, plusieurs fois de suite, que cela arrive. Mais réellement il s’agit de la part de Microsoft de camoufler l’une de ses stratégies commerciales en Europe. Ce sont donc 2 milliards d’euros d’amende, pour lesquels Microsoft a été condamné depuis 2004 en Europe pour ses différents abus de position dominante, dont 561 millions pour avoir

LEICA X3 concept: to transfer the pictures instantly to your smartphone, tablet or Mac via Bluetooth.

Designed by Vincent Säl, we observe that the LEICA X3 concept  picks the best features found on smartphones and marrying them with the ones found on a digital camera.With LEICA X3 you can transfer the pictures instantly to your smartphone, tablet or Mac via Bluetooth.In addition the camera is automatically turned on when the lens is flipped

TopBrewer to be operated by an iPhone or iPad: allows you to customize your brew and pay for it as well.

Billed as one of the most innovative ideas in the world of coffee and the art of brewing, the TopBrewer aims to revolutionize the idea of coffee brewing. We also discovered that this professional bean-to-cup beverage system design features a patented swan neck ‘faucet’ and can be built into any counter surface.

Qimini wireless charging technology: to charge via electromagnetic induction.

From Tektos utilizes Qi wireless charging technology is developed to charge any Qi-enabled device. The system comprises a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver in portable device. We also noted that to use the system,