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Joomla Version 3.2 in September 2013; the 3.5 release to March 2014 and more: Stakes and Opportunities.

It is henceforth official since the end of December 2012, we have learned from the Joomla Production Leadership Team (PLT) that, they will release version 3.2 in September 2013 and move the 3.5 release to March 2014. In addition, this pattern is expected to continue for the version 4.x releases.
Henceforth version 2.5 will be the ''current long-term support'' (LTS) release for two years (March 2012 to March 2014) instead of 18 months.

Nouveau Facebook Messenger pour Android et iOS : Opportunités autour de la Voix et la VOIP

Le SMS classique subis progressivement les assauts des applications d’internet mobile et fixe, mais il devrait résister tout au moins encore pendant plusieurs années. Parmi ses ‘’agresseurs’’ : Facebook Messenger qui de manière officielle a intégré l’option voix sur son application et annonce pour

Récoltes frauduleuse sur Facebook des Données Personnelles via fausses Campagnes MegaUpload.

Dès le 19 janvier 2013, normalement on devrait assister au lancement officiel de Mega, une plate forme qui vient combler plus ou moins le vide laissé par l’ancien MegaUpload (champion en échange illégal des fichiers : music, film…). Comme d’habitude les hackers savent

A Quick tip for developers that want to implement HTML5 lists (or other scrolling content).

In this video, we have a quick tip for developers that want to implement HTML5 lists or other scrolling content. According to the author, ‘’most often, this involves leveraging the overflow: scroll; CSS property on a container’’.

Wordpress and Joomla vulnerabilities: Stakes around Increased Exploitation in Web Content Management Systems

Since January 4, 2013, US-CERT teaches us that it is aware of recent increases in the exploitation of known vulnerabilities in web content management systems (CMSs) such as
Wordpress and Joomla. ‘’Compromised CMS installations can be used to hostmalicious content’’. It announces  Therefore, US-CERT recommends that users and

customize list of your resolutions with resources from Google to help you for your Business.

Henceforth, if you are  owner of small Business in USA, and you have any difficulties to know where to start to enhance your business in 2013, don’t worry, Google aims to help you  to create a list of  New Year’s resolutions for 2013.