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Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) ecosystem.

We are still at the early stage when it comes to Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) ecosystem; but it is increasingly exciting to observe that, privacy and security concerns are among top priorities. encourages this momentum and salutes the new partnership between Egis Technology Inc. (EgisTec), (a fingerprint sensor technology provider), and Acer in the development of their Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) ecosystem.
YuKey Smartband aims to bring an encouraging level of security and biometric authentication to protect the data in Acer’s BYOC. For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Acer’s BYOC is a cloud ecosystem to customize and build your own cloud.

Create Publish and Manage APIs: stakes and trends in our data-driven age.

Unified capabilities always make the difference when it comes to increase productivity and reduce complexities. 
At, we are proud to observe that, a growing number of businesses, entrepreneurs; developers and governments agencies recognize the strategic stakes behind data management (MDM) and API management. recalls that, APIs are henceforth essential to accelerating business-to-consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), and mobile interactions.
In our digital age flooded by social data, APIs are critical elements of business, critical element to unlock values and critical insights in real-time and anywhere. 
Digital business interactions happen and will happen through APIs, and these APIs will need to be tracked and managed. 
Application services governance and API management, delivered through software or cloud services, will help you track, manage, monetize, extend and control APIs.

Dell Boomi (for informational purpose only) has released full API l…

Unified Access to Multi-Platform Cloud Services.

Henceforth, there is no place for dispersion. We need unified platforms, smart devices and sensors; we need actionable data, flexible and scalable, seamless and secure technologies. In this momentum, it is exciting to note that, OnAppv3.5 combines Amazon, VMware, Xen and KVM-based services in a single panel.
Simplify the way diverse cloud technologies are provisioned and managed, is essential, so salutes the new performance of OnApp v3.5, which can now offer Xen, KVM, VMware and EC2 cloud servers; bare metal and hybrid smart servers; multiple types of storage and backup; and global CDN and DNS, among other Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities. 
As you imagine, it always makes sense to help organizations and IT providers, to unify holistically everything into one control panel.

Video and web collaboration in our mobile-driven world: stakes, opportunities and critical trends.

Video and web collaboration in our mobile-driven world has henceforth a critical role to play when it comes to enhanced productivity and performance.
As a set of enterprises move from audio-only calls to video meetings, at, we are proud to observe that, an increasing number of cloud-based platform allows henceforth, organizations to inter alia : simplify the management, reduce the cost and improve the quality of video and web collaboration by monitoring, integrating and analyzing data from virtually all enterprise collaboration technology providers, including Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft, Vidyo, Lifesize, Acano, Pexip, vBrick, and more.
For informational purpose, can recall that (Vyopta Incorporated, collaboration analytics), with its new multi-vendor Real Time Video Monitoring product, can help IT teams to improve the quality and performance of their video collaboration networks, and make video communication more reliable and easier to use.

Accelerate time-to-value for on-premises big data IT deployments.

Beyond the requirements of security, flexibility, accuracy, scalability, seamless and agility, also encourages businesses and organization to consider the cost-effective and user-friendly values when it comes to big data solutions.
We live henceforth in a digital age, where your real-time ability to unlock value, new revenue streams, full potential and actionable insights from your enterprise data, is critical. So always think of: turn-key, enhanced time-to-value, state-of-the-art, best-practices, performance and productivity anywhere and anytime. 
For informational purpose, recalls that, the new Avnet Enabled Hadoop solution, (a turn-key package of hardware, integrated software, and one-call maintenance), can help you when it comes to streamline your on-premises big data IT deployments.

“Avnet’s unique combination of broad distribution relationships, enterprise integration services, solution support services and reseller ecosystem makes them a great…