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Storage solutions for audio/video production: the real value of the G-DRIVE ev SSD and the 500GB G-DRIVE ev.

Always, in concordance with our global commitment, recommends to focus on performance, in terms of energyefficiency, speed and tolerance, flexibility, reliability and resilience capacities, when it comes to storage solutions in enterprise, for professionals, in data center, cloud and HPC applications. G-Technology, announced the latest additions in its Evolution Series family: theG-DRIVE ev SSD and the 500GB G-DRIVE ev external drive modules. observes that the G-DRIVE ev SSD and the 500GB G-DRIVE ev external drive modules focus on speed, flexibility and reliability capabilities. The series also focus on a stylish design. The 500GB G-DRIVE ev will be available soon and can be purchased for a MSRP of

Storage solutions in enterprise: Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 brings its colors.

Captured by Active Digital in concordance with our global commitment, theSeagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 joins the explosive growth of corporate and cloud-based data centers. When it comes to storage solutions in enterprise, data center, cloud and HPC applications, it is vital to focus on performance, in terms of energyefficiency, tolerance and resilience capacities. The Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD v4 is particularly differentiated by its rotational vibration tolerance, a humidity sensor, the T10 and T13-compliant power management standards and its capacity density needed to address an increasing amount of unstructured data, compared to the last generation

Collecting, monitoring and analyzing valuable customer information in real time: here is why Clickatell Trusted Splunk Software.

‘’Quickly become aware of a potential issue before it becomes a real problem’’. This is a key element which has seduced to talk about Splunk software. You know our commitment about use cases and progressively Active Digital is pointing the way. SplunkInc.provider software platform for real-time operational intelligence, and Clickatell, provides mobile messaging and transaction services. Both companies have decided to collaborate. In this collaboration, Splunk software is a key factor. Splunk software helps Clickatell optimize the uptime and reliability of its services by collecting, monitoring and analyzing valuable customer information in real time, such as errors, usage and other important events. also recalls that, Clickatell executives use Splunk dashboards to monitor the key business performance indicators that impact revenue. This use case allow you to discover that, The team of Clickatell can now spot and react faster to

Android App to Make in Person Mobile Surveys: loopsurvey can help you.

Since May, 2013, scrutinizes the evolution of Loop, a mobile startup headquartered in San Francisco, California. Congratulations to Michael Liu and Rajit Marwah, respectively co-founders. We are particularly seduced by the concept behind its mobile application: ‘’capture customer reactions in the moment’’. Thanks to Active Digital. Its mobile survey app on Android designed for Android tablets and smartphones in 34 languages, lets organizations poll people in person. With this app people are susceptible to respond quickly right on the mobile device after experiencing a product or service. recalls that, after downloading the app, the business can choose among survey and question templates depending on their industry or create their own. Businesses can run their mobile survey on device or send it out via a link, email, text,

Online programming learning Tools industry:, paves its way with Compilr.

Online programming learning Tools are henceforth a real growing market. This trend is progressively leads by,, and more. It maturity is henceforth underscored by the growing adoption and features enhancements. In part of our global commitment, is progressively excited by the simplicity, flexibility, wealth and the interactivity of these platforms and tools. Thanks to Devcorner. At, an online education company, they talk about consolidation. Therefore, has, a software coding and development environment that allows people to learn, write, compile and test code from their browser. Meaning that, his members can now focus on modern web applications,’s global commitment for you :( IT vendors, Businesses, public sectors, professionals, and more).

It is clear that, is  must-attend, when it comes to talk about: ·The full benefits and possibilities of internet and mobility. ·Advantage of big data, cloud, analytics and mobile. ·Big Data Risk Management. ·Operational and security risk data to manage near real time workflow, intelligence, and analytics driving business impact and performance. ·Intelligence-Analytics. ·Turning huge amounts of security data into actionable insight and identifying those things that represent the most risk in an organization. ·Gain perspective and make decisions. ·Actionable insight into both performance and usage. ·Revenue expansion opportunities. ·social data in real time to create exceptional experiences ·to get critical intelligence into the hands of those who need it most ·provide actionable intelligence relevant to field personnel ·

Europe, Middle East and Africa server virtualization market in 2013: facts, figures and trends.

Our unique experience of this industry (server virtualization), increasingly allows us to better understand and analyze this growing market. Despite certain reluctances or obstacles, when it comes to confidence, cost and transparency, is particularly excited to observe that, smaller businesses are embracing this technology. Henceforth, this reflects growing maturity in virtualization adoption, with the aim to consolidate the infrastructure by using fewer servers to deploy more virtual machines (VMs), and exploit existing hardware capacities to a greater extent.Thanks to Active Digital. In concordance with our global commitment, has captured the recent IDC's EMEAQuarterly Server Virtualization Tracker. With this index, we can observe that, 33.0% of all new servers shipped in EMEA in the fourth quarter of 2013 (4Q13) were virtualized (about 200,300 server units were virtualized at the point of initial shipment in 4Q13). Physical server shipments w…

Remote control and online meeting software: TeamViewer consolidates its portfolio, with the Backup Solution for Businesses.

Our recommendations are quite clear: require first, maximum security when it comes to remote control and online meeting software. recalls that, TeamViewer focuses on the development and distribution of solutions for online communication, collaboration and remote monitoring of IT systems. As a bridge between IT solutions providers and Users, when it comes to make rights decisions, hails this new extension. airbackup, is a cloud-based backup solution. Henceforth, it includes the 256 bit AES encryption, works with a private key users generate during the set-up process to ensure that the data is protected from