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Affordable LiDAR Adoption in Connected and Autonomous Cars

Autonomous Car as a nascent technology is at the core of numerous dynamics. The need to develop a suite of sensors that guarantee robust perception is top priority. 
Then, one can observe that, many established vendors and innovative startups are positioning solid-state light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technologies as a cost-effective means to industrialize reliable obstacle detection and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in autonomous vehicles. ABI Research expects solutions to come to market beginning in 2019, with the market value nearing US$13 billion by 2027.

Smart retail technology benefits and Main adoption barriers

ABI Research finds that smart retail technology benefits are most often linked to “secondary” aspects like supporting collaboration, sustainability, and decision making. Main adoption barriers include integration with existing solutions and privacy concerns, next to ROI, cost, and cultural resistance.

Here is how Retailers mainly see smart retail technologies

Many surveys reveal that, Retailers mainly see smart retail technologies as tools to incrementally and/or indirectly improve current retail operations and practices in the short term by strengthening the brand, improving the customer experience, and reducing costs. “Retailers are not realizing that they can deploy these technologies in new online business models and other revenue opportunities to transform existing retail practices and enable seamless shopping experiences like Amazon Go,” says Dominique Bonte, Managing Director and Vice President at ABI Research.

A high willingness to adopt smart retail technologies

Stakes are steadily obvious when it comes to smart retail technologies. The level of awareness is increasingly interesting as retailers are bit by bit able to transform existing retail practices and enable seamless shopping experiences.
In a recent B2B technology survey of 455 U.S.-based companies across nine verticals, ABI Research finds that 62% of retail respondents show a high willingness to adopt smart retail technologies, especially Bluetooth and Wi-Fi beacons, which respondents view as having the biggest impact on digitization. 
However, one can also observe that, familiarity with nascent technologies like VLC/LED, inventory tracking, queue and process management, electronic labels, wearables, 5G, AR, blockchain, and the related technology startup ecosystem is limited.

China Telecommunications Directory 2017

I have a pleasure to recall that, China is the second largest economy in the world with + 500 million mobile subscribers. The Chinese domestic telecommunications industry is at the core the country's stunning economic growth. 
China is one of the world's major producers of telecommunications products. Research and Markets published its China Telecommunications Directory 2017; essential for those doing or expecting doing business in China's telecommunications market. This directory covers hundreds of leading telecom companies. 
Entries provide: company name; address; telephone, fax numbers; email, website, names of senior management and board members, including senior executives; description of business activities; subsidiaries and associates; number of employees and more. 
If you need to source from, or sell to China, any telecommunication product, or if you're looking to break into this appealing market, the new China Telecommunications Directory will provide you with hu…

High use of GIS solution for soil and water management

GIS technology is steadily impacting every key aspects of living; so that, one trend in GIS market is high use of GIS solution for soil and water management. For instance, the big data and analytics division of IBM is planning to create GISs for monitoring and managing water supply in Bangalore, India. IBM works in close association with Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB), a government organization for sewage disposal and water supply in Bangalore, India. BWSSB, with the help of IBM, is using a center-based solution, which was developed and tested in a software lab in India. The flow meter helps to view key performance indicators such as flow rate, total flow in 24 hours, and average total flow in a week and its location. The solution also helps to minimize the loss by detecting large changes in the flow through real-time monitoring.

Proximity-based mobile marketing or advertising

Steadily, one can observe that, one trend in the global Location-Based Services (LBS) Market is growing popularity of proximity-based mobile advertising among enterprises. For those who are unfamiliar, Location-Based Services (LBS) enable retailers to offer a personalized shopping experience based on location data and behavioral insights. Proximity-based mobile marketing or advertising provides numerous opportunities for businesses and improves customer experience and engagement. Increased number of mobile computing devices fuels this momentum. In effect, consumers are increasingly using computing devices for multiple purposes like accessing social networking apps, reading the news, surfing the web, and checking e-mail.

Night Vision Systems Market

Steadily, one can observe rising government investments in military devices including Night Vision Systems. In effect, governments in various countries are investing in improving the next-generation technology in the military segment. This is mainly to provide soldiers with improved and accurate information. The night vision systems are designed to provide rapid target acquisitions for military operations. The use of night vision systems in devices such as goggles, scopes, and cameras is increasing. According to Research and Markets, this is attributed to the wireless nature of these devices, which allows soldiers to target their objects in complete darkness. Among key vendors, we have: Autoliv BAE Systems Bosch Elbit Systems FLIR Systems Harris.

Growing adoption of night vision systems in smartphones

The growing adoption of night vision systems in smartphones is real. A smartphone can work in complete darkness if a night vision system is integrated with it. Lumigon introduced T3 smartphone which comes with a night vision camera. The smartphone has a 4-MP night vision camera with dual IR flash, which helps a person see in complete darkness.

North America Bio-Photonics Market 2016-2022

Steadily, one can observe that, factors such as rising incidences of chronic disorders, growing demand for non-invasive and nonionizing diagnostic modalities, and introduction of new and advanced technologies in the field of diagnostics and imaging would fuel the growth of the biophotonics market. 
According to Research and Markets, in 2015, the North America held the maximum market share within the global biophotonics market.
The firm also reveals that, based on End User, the market is segmented into Tests & Components, Medical Therapeutics, Medical Diagnostics and Non-Medical Application. Based on Technology, the market is segmented into In-Vivo and In-Vitro. 
Based on Application, the market is segmented into See-Through Imaging, Microscopy, Inside Imaging, Spectro Molecular, Analytics Sensing, Light Therapy, Surface Imaging and Biosensors.

Biophotonics technology in our ever-connected era

I have a pleasure to recall that, Biophotonics is used to analyse molecular mechanisms, functions, and structures in biology. The technology is used to study light-tissue interactions at the micro-, nano-, and macro-organism level to detect, diagnose, and treat diseases in medicine. Additionally, it helps in emission, detection, absorption, reflection, modification, and creation of radiation from bimolecular, cells, tissues, organisms, and biomaterials.

Growing influence of electrohydraulic power steering (EHPS) within Hydraulic Steering System

I have pleasure to recall that,the optimization of energy consumption and the electrification of automotive components are the key considerations during the development of new vehicles, especially for power steering systems. In a hydraulic power steering system, 70% of the fuel gets consumed by hydraulics, which can be avoided by the application of more advanced power steering systems such as EPS and EHPS. For those who are unfamiliar,Hydraulic steering includes conventional rack and pinion steering, uses hydraulic pressure from the engine pump, and helps in the motion of the steering wheel.

A steer-by-wire technology

For those who are unfamiliar, a steer-by-wire technology helps in the elimination of a physical connection between the steering wheel and the steering system. This technology provides better handling and safety, and reduces the cost of production and allows for a wide array of designs. The steer-by-wire system also provides improved performance, reliability, and safety with reduced manufacturing and operating costs and better fuel economy. Such advantages provided by the steer-by-wire technology are driving its increasing adoption.