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Facebook/Sécurité : Lumière sur les Enjeux chasse aux messages suspects sur ses pages facebook en Afrique dès2013

Tech Event: Learn more about Google Developer Groups DevFest across Africa (lessons and map)

The concept of GDG DevFest is quite simple :’’when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.’’

These community-run events offer technical sessions, hackathons, and code labs across different Google product areas. Each GDG DevFest is uniquely tailored to the needs of the developer community that hosts it. African developers via this event have opportunities to enhance and improve their knowledge.
The community of Google Developer Groups (GDG) is taking the initiative to organize a series of GDG DevFest events worldwide

the 2012  global GDG DevFest season will see events from London to Shanghai, Bangalore to Buenos Aires, Auckland to Mountain View via Africa and beyond. the inaugural GDG DevFest season kicks off September 21 and continues through November 11.

Through the map enclosed, these are community-organized events, so if you don’t see an event in your area and are interested in having one, you can check out the next steps here. . Or do visit…

Exposition : Iniside the 2012 RIE Expo:research and intellectual work in Zimbabwe.

Facebook Camera :Enjeux, Arrivée et Adoption en Afrique dès 2013

E-farming: Find out sharing of digital information through mobile including on better farming methods, purchase of farming inputs in Zimbabwe

Cloud : Lumière sur les logiciels de supervision et de déploiement de services vers le Cloud :Enjeux pour les PMEs et Administrations africaines dès 2013