Globacom Nigeria announced the ‘’Largest’’ Internet Data Centres in Lagos: Stakes and opportunities

Based on the realities that, most of the websites and servers of various Nigerian organizations are hosted with established markets,
such as in UK, USA Etc., due to unreliable power supply insecurity and other deficiencies in the system,
Globacom Nigeria has announced the deployment of the ‘’Largest’’ Internet Data Centres in Lagos with the goal to provide co-location disaster recovery and dedicated hosting services to its clients all over the country.
The new data centre will provide network based services, applications, equipment and Cloud Services in a ‘’highly’’ safe secure and backed up environment.

About Globacom
At Globacom we esteem our vision. It is our vision which keeps us moving forward. Our vision which pushes us to be the best we can. And our vision which propels us into the future, ahead of our competitors.
We at Globacom aspire to build Africa’s biggest and best telecommunications network.
A vision so grand, it could easily intimidate. And yet, in the last six years we have taken that vision and we have soared.
And with millions of subscribers in Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, and the recent acquisition of operating licences in Ghana and Cote d’voire (Ivory Coast), our vision is fast becoming our reality.

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