Whitepaper: "Comparing the Performance and Power of Dell VRTX and HP c3000".

Following the release of Dell PowerEdge VRTX this month at the Dell Enterprise Forum in San Jose, DELL-Brian Ba has decided to
help those who are interested by Power of Dell VRTX and HP c3000 solutions.
Therefore,  DELL-Brian Ba has produced a whitepaper (pdf) titled "Comparing the Performance and Power of Dell VRTX and HP c3000".  The whitepaper aims to compare fairly the performance and power consumption of the two solutions, and also compares ease of management, pricing, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
According to him the VRTX solution, with its high performance direct-attach storage, scored 36% more Transactions per Second (TPS) running SQL 2012, and 79% more IOPs when running the Exchange 2013 / Jetstress 2013 workload compared to the c3000-based solution.
‘’The power draw comparison was also a win for VRTX, with the Dell solution drawing 152 watts less power than the c3000 solution when running the Exchange 2013 / Jetstress 2013 workload. As configured, the Dell solution cost 26% less to buy, and its shared storage can be set up in just 15 steps, compared to 193 steps for the HP solution's shared storage based on D2200sb storage blades and their bundled HP StoreVirtual VSA software.  And, the shared storage in the VRTX can be shared with multiple server nodes, allowing Hyper-V Live Migration and ESXi vMotion without the need for the complexities of a SAN.’’ Said DELL-Brian Ba. 

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