Cloud technology platform for radiology: CBCC (Comprehensive Breast Care Centers) has implemented AbbaDox Rad.

To meet its commitment, regarding agility and adaptation to market conditions,  CBCC (Comprehensive Breast Care Centers) has implemented AbbaDox Rad, the IDS cloud technology platform for radiology with end-to-end workflow solutions to streamline operations, across all CBCC facilities.
Connectikpeople has observed that, the new facility, marking the third for CBCC, represents an expansion of CDI and DMI which
also operates two multi-modality imaging centers in South Florida.
Henceforth, in addition to the advanced 3-D PACS in the cloud and electronic patient chart, AbbaDox RAD will allow CDI to:
  • Centralize patient and resource scheduling
  • Speed patient check-in
  • Verify insurance eligibility instantly
  • Report diagnostic findings with speech recognition or transcription
  • Track mammogram results with BIRAD reporting and generate lay letters
  • Cross-check patient roster with daily billings
  • Grant DICOM image and report access to referring physicians via web portal
For those who unfamiliar, led by Medical Directors Eric Godreau, M.D., and Leslie Frost, M.D., CBCC South Miami offers mammography, ultrasound, tomosynthesis (3-D mammography), bone density scans, breast tissue ultrasound and stereotactic-guided biopsies. It is one of only of a handful of centers in the country to offer advanced breast imaging technology by Hologic that combines 2-D digital mammography and 3-D tomosynthesis. A grand opening event for the new location is scheduled for mid-September 2013.
About IDS
IDS is the leader in cloud healthcare information technology and radiology software and solutions. Through its fully integrated platforms, IDS enables its clients to automate the creation, distribution and management of clinical documentation and diagnostic images. As the only company with such a range of products and capabilities in the cloud, IDS improves the key stages of care delivery and complements them with powerful business and analytics tools.

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