avast! SecureLine VPN can allow users to browse the web anonymously and safely, especially while using open Wi-Fi.

avast!, is expanding its portfolio of features. This time, the antivirus focuses on business-related information while using open Wi-Fi.
In this dynamic, avast! SecureLine VPN for Android smartphones and tablets as well as an updated version of SecureLine for iPhones and iPads is available, bringing encrypting user data, notifies users of the risks of connecting to unsecured
Connectikpeopole.co observes that, users have the option of connecting to AVAST’s secure VPN, avast! SecureLine VPN can be proactively activated by the user, or be automatically set to establish a secure encrypted connection whenever the mobile device connects to open Wi-Fi. As a default, the app will automatically can select the closest server to assure optimal performance.

avast! SecureLine VPN is available as a monthly subscription for $2.59 or as a yearly subscription for $19.99 for Android on
Google Play and for iOS in the Apple App Store.

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