eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service) on your mobile: the real value of Samsung.

South Korea maintains its world leading position on the internet connections speed with an average of 22.1 Mbps. According to this ranking from Akamai, Japan is second in the global ranking, and Hong Kong is third.
As part of this momentum, Connectikpeople.co has also captured a new milestone from South Korea. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and KT, have announced what is billed as, the world’s first commercial eMBMS (evolved Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast
It is available to KT’s LTE subscribers using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 since January 27, 2014.
Connectikpeople.co recalls that, showcased in February 2013, eMBMS is a new LTE technology that can enable multiple users, and HD quality video service via your mobile. Samsung partnered with KT to provide its eMBMS network equipment and solutions in support of the service’s rollout.

Billed as, the world’s first LTE eMBMS, ‘Olleh LTE Play’ service, is powered by Samsung’s advanced network equipment solutions and has been adapted to KT’s LTE network. To access the service, Galaxy Note 3 users will be required to download a software upgrade.

Samsung is actively exploring partnerships with global mobile operators to promote LTE eMBMS solutions including network equipment and devices.

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