Predictive Analytic Technology for Proactive Health Monitoring.


When it comes to help improve quality of life, living conditions, each initiative or technology is always welcome. In our new digital world, Big Data Analytics technologies help us delivering health information through medical or consumer devices. The person monitored in real-time can get health updates based on their own health background or exercise.
A set of technology is designed to bring new insights to physiology vital-sign monitoring for applications ranging from helping doctors to better understand their patients with chronic medical conditions to empowering the informed consumer to take greater control of their health.
In this field, the PhysIQ platform , has drawn our attention. The PhysIQ platform can construct a personalized baseline norm for each person monitored. It can detect subtle changes in vital signs and other health indicators helpful to both clinicians in managing patients who are suffering from chronic illness, as well as consumers interested in tracking their own health and fitness levels. soon #Retinknow® can also observe that,  the PhysIQ platform can analyze numerous data streams originating from any sensor or wearable device to gather key data about a patient’s physiology, including heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation of the blood, respiration rate and many other biological signals. 

This physiological data converted into meaningful information can be used by clinicians or consumers to make informed decisions and change behavior.

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