The Momentum of Mobile Event Apps in our mobile-driven world.

It is more and more exciting to see how Mobile Apps dramatically transform our existence, the way we consume and behave, learn and communicate, work and entertain in real-time and anywhere. 

The cloud technologies play a major role in this momentum. In events industry for instance, observe that,   mobile apps are one of the keys drivers of event engagement.

It is henceforth clear that, Emerging technologies are impacting every facet of meetings and events in the way that, the Event Marketing Institute, partnered with Cvent, Inc., to develop and conduct a study to quantify how event planners are currently leveraging mobile app technology and services. 

Key findings from the study include:
  • By 2016, 88% of planners expect their attendees to consider mobile event apps as critical to their event experience.
  • By 2016, 86% of planners will have an app at their event.
  • The top 10% of respondents in terms of current attendee app usage say 85% of their attendees are using apps today and 94% will be using apps by 2016.
  • The top 10% of respondents in the print savings category say they’ve saved 84% on printing costs.
  • 94% of the industry with a mobile event app will increase or maintain their app spending level in 2015.
The report describes how best-in-class event producers and brands are using mobile apps to drive event success. The executive summary can be downloaded here.

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