13 startups in Asia that will shake up the digital economy in this region.

Asia is one of the most exciting regions in terms of technological-innovations, market opportunities and R&D. More and more, Connectikpeople.co is seduced by breakthrough internet-based services that really bring concrete solutions to problems or deliver effective services in this region.  If you have startup, feel free to email us.

Among breakthrough internet-based services that really bring concrete solution to problems or deliver effective services in this region, we have:   

Launched in July 2014, Indonesian health information portal Alodokter brings easy-to-understand and accurate health information to Indonesian web users, with the goal to help people take more informed health decisions.

Freshdesk enables companies to provide multichannel support via phone, email, chat, website, social networks and mobile apps.

Zhiguoguo is an online legal services startup specializing in intellectual property. It combines legal services with ecommerce, selling specific services for flat fees. Other services include trademark changes and transfers and copyrights for art, texts, and computer software.

TradeGecko is an inventory management software startup from Singapore that aims to fill the gap between spreadsheets and enterprise tools like SAP, Netsuite, and SalesForce. Users can do things like create invoices, consign orders, generate sales reports, and send shipping documentation.

FuelUp is an app that monitors announcements from the government and regulatory bodies to determine the schedule of CNG availability. Through the app, users could check whether local stations were open that day, negating the need to physically visit the premises, and saving precious time.

107room is an apartment search startup that offers a user-friendly interface for browsing and filtering apartment listings and has a mobile app that promises “smart” recommendations so that renters spend less time sifting through junk listings. The startup also aspires to make renter-landlord communication more direct, with a self-designed system that aims to weed out fake renters and agents so that potential renters can get in touch with landlords directly.

Happay is a Bangalore-based startup that makes software to manage business expense reports.

Diandao is an on-demand service that brings on-demand massage services and health care consultation to your doorstep. The startup only has massage therapists available in Beijing and Shanghai at the moment

Tokyo Digital Music Syndicates (TDMS) is a Japanese startup which developed Qrates for customizing and crowdfunding original LPs. Artists can use the service to create record preorder campaigns with a minimum pressing of just 100 copies.

India-based Simplilearn is an online education startup for professionals seeking IT certifications. Unlike academic online education portals like Coursera, Simplilearn is made for career-focused IT professionals who know what they need to learn to advance to the next level.

Repro can analyze user facial expressions to determine where users are looking in the app and how they are enjoying the experience. For apps that are already live, it can deliver videos of app crashes so you can see what leads up to the failure.

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