Big data integration in our data-driven age: stakes and realities.

Our data-driven age is inter alia driven by a constantly changing data environment, and multiple sources of data.

The real-time ability to unify multiple data sources to provide actionable data, in the right form, at the right time, is henceforth critical when it comes to make better and faster business decisions.

In this momentum, recalls that, big data integration can bring peace in minds with its ability to:
·        Help enterprises get more out of their big data solutions,
·        Address specific challenges related to integrating big data environments for faster and more accurate application data feeds,
·        Help organizations turn massive amounts of data into actionable business opportunities,
·         Make data more manageable, and accessible for business-level analysis, and can offer flexibility and performance at the application level,

Big data integration also helps enterprises process large amounts of data on big data platforms quickly; it can offer the ability to orchestrate data flow and processing across various big data platforms.

For informational purpose only, with tools like JBoss Data Virtualization and JBoss Data Grid, Red Hat can help enterprises unify and drive data in support of applications.

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