Cloud Mobile Back-End Services in our mobile-age.

Security and privacy are among challenging concerns when it comes to Enterprise mobility management. In this environment, Cloud Mobile Back-End Services can streamline enterprise mobility by inter alia: reducing the need for developers to code all the security and back-end complexity.

The goal is to help them focus on great content, productivity and delivering holistic end-users mobile experience.

For those who unfamiliar, MBaaS is a set of APIs and services that remove the need for developers to write complex server-side code when developing secure enterprise mobile applications. With this approach, developers are provided with a ‘rich’ repository of ready-to-use APIs and services that can reduce coding effort, including end-to-end data security, access to behind-the-firewall systems without a VPN, identity and access management services, High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR), and many more, all manageable from a central console.

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