Data-driven solutions for healthcare in our digital age.

It is more and more exciting to see how cloud and mobility technologies transform healthcare, by inter alia:

  • Unifying electronic medical records (EMRs) with patient-generated data,

  • Unifying data infrastructure to enhance patient data access, care coordination, and chronic care management, 

  • Integrate disparate data sources that surround a patient to capture critical information that can support the shift to value-based care,

  • ·Make it easy and cost-effective to deliver applications that can accelerate the industry-wide movement toward value-based care.

Mana Health, a technology company that creates data-driven solutions for healthcare, announced the availability of its ManaCloud Platform. encourages this vital initiative which brings:  
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform with multiple layers of data protection
  • Developer-friendly RESTful, JSON API and Mobile SDK
  • Sandbox allowing developers to build apps using test patient records
  • Plug-ins for various devices and applications
  • Clinical data plug-ins for many EMR output formats
ManaCloud within Healthcare Access San Antonio (HASA), a San Antonio, Texas-based HIE is also available.  

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